Who we are

We are experienced and qualified English language assessors who help to guide English-as-an-Additional-Language (EAL) speakers on a personal path to language improvement, whether that be on their own, or attending part-time or full-time English classes. We help people to become aware of their language proficiency, to take ownership over their growth and learning, and to make choices to advance their goals.

We also help connect them to staff in other RRC departments who can answer settlement or employment questions, help make academic decisions, etc.

We use a few different assessment tools:

  1. The Canadian Language Benchmark Placement Test (CLBPT) is used to place visa students into their appropriate English class.
  2. The Institutional version of the CanTEST is used to test the language readiness of Red River College applicants whose first language is not English. In other words, we assess EAL (English as an Additional Language) speakers’ language skills to make sure that they are ready to meet the language challenges of their chosen academic program at RRC.