Unsuccessful test-takers?

When your CanTEST scores do not meet the language demands of your program of choice, the language assessor encourages you to improve your language skills so you are able to communicate and comprehend effectively in all four language skills.

This can be done in a variety of ways: independently, on-line, by taking part-time or full-time English classes, or a combination of these. The language assessor will advise individual test-takers of the appropriate options. This advice will vary depending on the person’s individual situation, including immigration status (Permanent Residents or student visa holders).

It is important for you to take ownership over your language gaps and to work hard to improve your skills before you take an academic program. However, we want people to know that an unsuccessful English Language Proficiency test does not mean rejection from an RRC program; it means entrance will be somewhat delayed until language proficiency is met.

Test-takers must wait 3 months before taking the CanTEST a second or third time.