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Coming Soon! Live Sessions From Library Lunch and Learn

December 4, 2020

Library Lunch and Learn has evolved and expanded yet again. From its beginnings as a lunchtime session in the NDC Library classroom, it transitioned to pre-recorded mini-lectures on demand. We are pleased to announce that, beginning in January 2021, we will be adding live sessions to the mix. These webinars will provide an interactive learning environment with opportunities to ask questions and dig deeper into the learning process.

New Website Ties It All Together

Library Lunch and Learn has a new location on the web. Here you may:

  • View the upcoming schedule
  • Register for a webinar
  • Access related handouts and guides
  • Watch Lunch and Learn on demand

What is Library Lunch and Learn?

A series of mini-lectures demonstrating the ins and outs of Library tools, databases, and research methods in a short, upbeat lunchtime session.

Have a question?

During the Library’s regular hours, a friendly staff member is available to chat with you online. Just click on the Ask Us bubble at

This academic year finds us however, our commitment to providing you with the supports and services you need to succeed at RRC remains unchanged. As we continue this year together, the Academic Success Centre & Library are here for you.

What to Expect at RRC Library This Fall

August 31, 2020

Things Look Different On Campus, But Our Commitment Will Never Change

Myself and all the staff at the library are looking forward to finding creative ways to ensure we meet your information and study needs. (Alan Chorney, Manager, Information and Program Delivery)

NDC Library at the Notre Dame Campus has officially re-opened in a limited capacity. While we look forward to offering in-person service once again, we encourage our patrons to continue to take advantage of our online service desk, which is available during regular Library hours by clicking the Ask Us bubble at Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the physical Library is currently limited to 30 patrons at any given time.

Services and Spaces Available

The following spaces and services are currently available at the NDC Library:

  • Individual study spaces
  • One printer/photocopier
  • Three computer stations
  • Limited physically-distanced group study space
  • Borrowing of Library materials
  • Limited one-on-one tutoring
  • Reference services

What is Different?

We have spread things out to accommodate physical distancing. Masks are mandatory on campus, including in the Library spaces. You may still eat and drink in the Library but are expected to clean surfaces with the provided supplies before and after. All students are expected to have read the Before You Enter Campus Information on the College’s website before arrival.

Signage has been put up throughout the Library to help you know which spaces can and can’t be used. We have a variety of choices available, marked by signs that indicate “Individual Study Space” or “Group Study Space.” Three computers are open in addition to one printer/photocopier nearby. You will be asked to line up for service, and physical distancing is in effect throughout the Library. Signing in and out when you enter and exit is also a new requirement.

These images show how spaces at the NDC Library are looking these days:

table reserved for tutoring

Reserved for one-on-one tutoring

Two carrels taped off due to COVID-19 related restrictions

Taped off area in carrels

Individual study space by a window

Individual study space by a window

Staff only sign

Sign indicating a staff only area

Service desk at NDC Library, with plexiglass

Service desk with plexiglass shields in place

Sign indicating seat is unavailable

Signage indicating seat is unavailable

Lounge chairs for individual study

Lounge chairs for individual study

One of three computers available for use

One of three computers available for use

Carrels for individual study

Carrels for individual study

Large tables with whiteboards nearby

Large tables with whiteboards nearby

What Will Never Change

This new academic year finds us in quite a different world, however, our commitment to providing you with the supports and services you need to succeed at RRC remains unchanged; in fact, it has grown stronger. We have expanded our online services, which means we are able to meet you where and when you need us. Indeed, Library Services offers the same supports as always, just in different ways. As we venture forth together, we wish the College community of students and staff an insightful year of learning and discovery.

More information > COVID-19 FAQ page

Have a question? > Click on the Ask Us bubble at

Library Holiday Hours

December 10, 2019

The Library’s upcoming hours of service are:

Saturday, December 14th  and Sunday, December 15th
All locations closed

Monday, December 16th – Friday, December 20th
EDC Library: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
NDC Library: 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM

*EDC Library will be closed until 1:00 PM Tuesday, December 17th (Open 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM)

Saturday, December 21st and Sunday, December 22nd
All locations closed

Monday, December 23rd
EDC Library: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
NDC Library: 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM

Tuesday, December 24th
EDC Library: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
NDC Library: 7:45 AM – 12:00 PM

Thursday, January 2nd and Friday, January 3rd
EDC Library: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
NDC Library: 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM

Saturday, January 4th
Regular hours resume.  Please see

Increasing Accessibility to Educational Videos: A Joint Project between AV Services and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services

September 19, 2019

laptop with closed captioned symbol on screen


In March, 2019, AV Services and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services received a $25,000 grant from The Winnipeg Foundation to support a project that will increase accessibility to instructional video at Red River College. Through the joint effort of these two departments, in partnership with the Manitoba Association of Visual Language Interpreters (M.A.V.L.I.), this project aims to provide closed captioning to 20,000 minutes of video from Red River College Library’s streaming collection.

Why Closed Captions are Essential

As many know, video resources are a staple component in most course curriculum at the College. The use of captioned streaming video as an instructional tool supports universal course design and provides educational equity for people who have a hearing disability. For this reason, providing captions to streaming video has been targeted as an essential step in satisfying the Information and Communications Accessibility Standard as laid out in the Accessibility for Manitobans Act and the College’s Accessibility Plan.

Added Benefits for All

While the project’s primary aim is to make educational video accessible to the Deaf or Hard of Hearing, as well as those with disabilities, there are added benefits for those without a disability. Some of the secondary benefits of this project include:

  • CPC CaptionMaker software package, if purchased, would enable quick one-off captioning of videos and would allow the Library and other Departments to add closed captions to videos as well (pending vendor/author approval).
  • Computerized note takers, who provide a valuable service to the College through the school year, would receive compensation for their skills during summer months when they normally face a reduction in hours.
  • Videos that are captioned would maximize learning for all by enhancing different learning styles, allowing videos to be watched in noisy or quiet environments, and aiding comprehension for ESL learners.
  • Closed captions make some videos searchable, meaning that the viewer can search for and locate a word or phrase within the video efficiently.

Support Required to Keep it Going

While the grant money has been well-utilized and the project has been a success, it is only a start. As new students arrive, courses evolve, and the Library’s collection expands, the demand to produce captioned videos will not go away. Financial support to cover the staffing, software, and miscellaneous fees will be required, and the results produced by our departments are an encouraging step toward justifying that support.

Note of Appreciation to Supporters and Staff

The Winnipeg Foundation logoWe would like to thank The Winnipeg Foundation and M.A.V.L.I. for their support in getting this project off the ground. We also extend our appreciation to the staff in Library Services and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services who led the project as well as those behind the scenes who dedicated their time and energy to produce the final product.

Suggest a Video for Captioning

For more information on this project, or to suggest a video for captioning, please contact:

  • Charlene Tweed, Supervisor, Library Resource Management | 204-632-2389
  • Jill Patterson, Manager, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services | 204-632-3092

Library Services: Hub for Success

August 26, 2019

A Warm Welcome

RRC Library Services is evolving. In the past year we have seen some exciting improvements in our department. Read on to explore the variety of spaces and services available at the Library. As we embark on a new school year, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the students and staff we serve at Red River College.

Library Services

Library Services has expanded!  Academic Success Centre (ASC) and Library Services are now operating out of our Notre Dame Campus and Exchange District Campus Library spaces. We are the hub for supports and resources for both staff and students at the College.

Academic Success Centre

Visit the ASC website for more information about the free services they offer and how to access them.


Library staff are information professionals, trained to help you find and assess information. While the general public is familiar with using Wikipedia and Google, our Library staff are experienced with an array of sources and skills that you may be unaware of. While we offer assistance in navigating information sources, we also want you to know you can ask us anything! We are here to support you!

The following is a list of common Library services:
  • Reference consultations: one-on-one assistance locating information
  • Audio visual services: AV equipment loans and video
  • Library orientations: class orientations (instructors may contact us to arrange this)
  • Collection development: resources to support learning and instruction at the College (instructors may recommend a purchase)
  • Guides: online guides on multiple subjects to assist research and academic success
  • Technical support: troubleshooting and technical assistance (in person at the Help Desk and online)
  • Chat Service: online chat service (visit the Library website to try it out!)
  • Borrowing Services: free access to books, e-books, journals, e-journals, databases, DVDs, streaming video, and audiovisual equipment. Keep in mind that what you see on the shelf is just the tip of the iceberg. Many of our digital resources may be accessed on any computer or mobile device. We encourage you to explore the Library collection with our NEW OneSearch.

Library Spaces: Notre Dame Campus

Improvements are happening to the Library spaces. See below for a brief tour of the variety of spaces available to you at NDC Library.

Quiet and Group Study Areas

The Quiet Study Area is for focused, silent individual work. The Group Study Area is for open conversation and group work.

Tutor Rooms and Portable White Boards (NEW additions to the Group Study Area)

The tutor rooms – with glass fronts on them – are set aside for tutors to work with students. One room only is for available for students to book using the posted sign-up sheet (max 2 hrs/day). The new sliding white boards are located in the Group Study Area.

Reading areas with comfy chairs, side tables and more

There are multiple reading areas where students can sit comfortably and relax (or work on a puzzle). Also look out for our New Books display, which features all of our new arrivals.

Book Stacks (located in the Quiet Study Area)

Our books and back issues of journals are located on the Quiet side of the Library.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab (and adjoining Classroom) have computers, printers, a copier and a scanning station. Technical assistance is also available at our Help Desk. Orientations and sessions such as our upcoming Lunch and Learn are held in the Classroom.

RRC Library: A Safe Place to Be

Library Services offers a safe, non-judgmental environment where all questions are good ones! We invite you to make use of the Library spaces and services, and explore our website to see what interests you. Best wishes in your studies, teaching and service at the College.

— posted by Linda Fox, RRC Library

We’re moving to Alma!

February 19, 2019

It’s a big day for the Red River College Library! Today marks the first day of the Library’s project to migrate its Voyager system to a much newer, cloud-based software platform called Alma.

Both software platforms, old and new, belong to Ex Libris, a company which has been the Library’s software vendor for the past fifteen years. Alma is the culmination of an initiative to develop a new kind of library system that streamlines procedures by incorporating the management of all resources: electronic, digital, and print, into one system.

Not only is Alma a more modern platform for resource management, it will give Library patrons improved searching and library account management via their RRC college credentials.

We project our new Alma system will be in place in July 2019, ready for the 2019-2020 academic year.

If you have any questions regarding the Alma Project please contact Mark Nelson, Alma Project Manager.

RRCLibrary is on Instagram!

October 10, 2017

We are proud to say the Red River College Library has recently begun posting on Instagram! Tune in to our Instagram channel at rrclibrary and follow along as we continue our library related feed.

In case you’re wondering, here is a sample of what we’ve posted so far:


Last two. Don’t worry we have more. One word: ebooks! #redrivercollege #exchangedistrict #librarycollection

A post shared by Red River College Library (@rrclibrary) on Oct 5, 2017 at 6:50am PDT


When an an over-sized book exhibits a personality all its own. #libraryfun #redrivercollege #librarycollection

A post shared by Red River College Library (@rrclibrary) on Sep 29, 2017 at 11:39am PDT

New in the Notre Dame Campus Library… 📖 Plugged In: How Media Attract and Affect youth Now, as never before, young people are surrounded by media–thanks to the sophistication and portability of the technology that puts it literally in the palms of their hands. Examine the role of media in the lives of children from birth through adolescence, addressing the complex issues of how media affect the young and what adults can do to encourage responsible use in an age of selfies, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. ___ #library #book #books #instagram #instabook #bookworm #booklover #bookcover #reading #read #bookme #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookshelf #bookaddict #booknerd #bookish #college #highereducation #librarybooks #bookoftheday #bookfinds #RRC #RedRiverCollegeLibrary

A post shared by Red River College Library (@rrclibrary) on Sep 20, 2017 at 9:39am PDT

2nd Annual Mini-Golf Event: Photo Highlights

June 8, 2017

Here are some photo highlights of our 2nd annual mini-golf tournament at Red River College Library, Notre Dame Campus. A big thank-you goes to Bettina Allen for planning the event and to all of the Library staff who volunteered to make it happen. It was great to see RRC staff and students having so much fun in the Library!

[slideshow_deploy id=’4718′]



Cultivating An Idea: The Green Wall at The John And Bonnie Buhler Library

April 20, 2016


A project management assignment planted a seed that bloomed at the Roblin Centre’s John and Bonnie Buhler Library. Library Technician Rosemary Woodby with the support of a Program Innovation Fund (PIF)  was able to procure two six foot tall, self-watering planters. A partnership with the Greenspace Horticultural students and their instructor, Ruth Rob, supplied the plants. Using the knowledge they have acquired as part of the Horticulture Practice course, the students planned the design and layout; chose and grew the plants and on a bright sunny Apr 13th installed them in the planters. The Reading Room’s trademark sunlight takes care of the rest.

Living Walls, sometimes called Green Walls, have sprung up in a variety of settings, both Florafelt-Vertical-Garden-How-It-Worksinside and out. Some of the larger interior walls are physically connected to the HVAC system to actively pull air in for better circulation. Our wall isn’t quite so complicated however, using a ‘passive system’ as illustrated by the Florafelt system (Pictured right). While the project is not without risks ranging from plant to pump failure, but the gains far outweigh them and we can expect:

  • Noise reduction
  • Optimizing humidity
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • And the Horticulture students gaining an opportunity to work in a vertical format that is gaining popularity with both interior and exterior landscaping.

Last but not least, the greenery provides some welcome relief for staff and students from the stressful periods during the academic year. Woodby and Rob hope to apply what they have learned from installing this wall and add a second next year.



Image: Rosemary Woodby



Image: Rosemary Woodby


Image: Fatima DeMelo

Image: Fatima DeMelo

With contributions by Rosemary Woodby

2014 Library Art Contest – Win a $50 Gift Card

September 30, 2014


October is Canadian Library Month. The Library invites you to show off your artistic talent by illustrating a 3 X 5 library index card.  This is the second year that we are running this contest.  You may review last year’s winners here.



  • Open to all RRC students
  • Choose up to 3 cards from any Library location.
  • Illustrate the FRONT of the card incorporating the card’s wording or concept.
  • Use any physical media.
  • Write your name and contact information clearly on the back.
  • Entries must be submitted to either Library location by 4:30PM Friday 31 October 2014.

Entries will be judged on:

  • Quality of the artwork.
  • Artistic interpretation.
  • Creativity.


  • Entries must be submitted to either Library location by 4:30 pm on Friday 31 October 2014.
  • Winning cards will be displayed in the Library.


card examples

For More Information

Check out our posters throughout the campus. If you have any further questions you are invited to make inquiries at any of our Library Reference Desks.