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Six Quick Tips for Using the RRC Library Online

January 18, 2021

Tip 1: Our Website

Your key to accessing the online Library is the Library’s website. From academic supports and services to resources and news, this is the gateway to everything related to the Library. Click the button below to check it out.

Library button

Tip 2: Our Online Service Desk

Access our online service desk by clicking on the Ask Us bubble on the Library’s website. This begins a chat with a real person in real-time during regular Library hours. If you submit a question after hours, you will receive a response when the Library opens again. You may also browse common answers to our most popular questions here: Popular questions.

Tip 3: Our Digital Collection

Explore our digital resources with OneSearch, which is the tool that searches the entire Library collection. We have thousands and thousands of online resources that you may access 24/7.

Learn more about OneSearch >>

Tip 4: Our Events Calendar

Check our Events Calendar for the latest workshops you may attend, including Library Lunch and Learn sessions.

Tip 5: Our Library Guides

Library Guides are a great starting point for exploring the Library’s collection. Guides are a collection of resources and links on a specific topic, gathered together by a Library professional. A good place to begin is with our Library 101 section, which will help you get the most out of your Library experience. Otherwise, you may search the guides or browse by subject. Guides can draw you to new and unexpected resources, leading you to explore information in greater detail.

Tip 6: Our COVID-19 FAQ

Have questions about service changes during the pandemic? For example, wondering if physical books may still be borrowed? Indeed, they can! This is the kind of information you’ll find on the COVID-19 FAQ page.

We’re Here for You!

The Library and Academic Success Centre’s number one goal is to help you succeed at Red River College. Through chat and virtual meetings, we will meet you WHEREVER you are during these difficult times!

More than Caring: Interlibrary Loans Become a Necessity During the Pandemic

January 12, 2021

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Written by Joan Boersma, Library Services

One of Joan Boersma’s many roles in the Library includes the handling of ILLs (InterLibrary Loans). Here, she provides an overview of this important service.

One service that the Library offers is that of Interlibrary Loan. While our subscriptions to databases have increased considerably during the last 5 years, we obviously don’t have access to every article written. RRC library belongs to 2 consortiums in order to fill this gap. The first group is that of the libraries in Manitoba where physical and digital items are shared at no cost. We receive most of our requests from the University of Manitoba and the University of Winnipeg for which we are very grateful.

The 2nd consortium is DOCLINE and that is the National Library of Medicine’s Interlibrary Loan request routing system. The purpose of the system is to improve access to biomedical literature for medical libraries in the US and Canada. It has been interesting to see this willing group of medical libraries share resources during a pandemic while many libraries were actually closed and staff were working remotely without access to their physical collections. Often times the information requested was crucial to the treatment of patients in the hospital and it has been an eye-opening experience to see librarians hard at work to fill this need in a time-sensitive manner. Co-operation and resource sharing between libraries took on a new role, operated sometimes in non-traditional means, and occasionally RRC was able to contribute as well. It has been a great experience to be part of this larger community while working from my dining room table. During the pandemic, there have been requests for 215 articles from our faculty and students, and 75 of those were filled by our partner libraries. Other requests were located by deep-diving, sleuthing, and sometimes by contacting the authors to simply ask if they were willing to share their work. The sharing community of libraries (and sometimes authors) is alive and well during the pandemic.

If you have something you are looking for you can make a request by using our ILL Request Form or contact me at

Have questions?

Connect with us at and click on the Ask Us bubble during regular Library hours. We’d love to hear from you!

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Moving online: Behind the scenes at RRC Library

December 11, 2020

Guest post: Written by James Spencer, RRC Library and Information Technology student

2020: A year of transition for students and faculty alike

This year has been truly the likes of which none of us have ever seen before. It has been quite an adjustment for both RRC students and staff alike transitioning to this world of social distancing and online learning. As a faculty that serves both RRC staff and students, the RRC Library had to adapt on the fly as well.

As a Library and Information Technology program student at the Exchange District Campus, I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks with the RRC Library staff at the Notre Dame Campus for my work experience practicum. The experience was truly eye-opening, it has given me a unique perspective on how the RRC Library has adapted during this time of the global pandemic. Although we may not be able to see it in person like in the past, there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes at the RRC Library to make this transition as smooth as possible for the entire RRC family.

Cloud-based Library system made for an easy pivot to online

The cloud-based system ALMA, used by the RRC Library staff, has allowed for a quick pivot back to a relatively normal online library experience for RRC students. If library records and accounts were housed internally on the RRC computer system as they were prior to ALMA, there would be a noticeable backlog resulting in poor service for RRC patrons. It is this interconnectivity provided by ALMA amongst the numerous RRC Library services that has helped to maintain regularity for RRC students and staff during these uncertain times.

Although most RRC students might be unfamiliar ALMA, whenever we use the OneSearch database on the RRC Library website, we are using Primo, the sister system to ALMA. It is ALMA that connects RRC OneSearch users to several databases such as EBSCOhost, Academic Search Complete, and CINAHL to name a few. These databases provide RRC students the essential journal articles that are needed for their studies.

Chat service allows staff to provide assistance to users while they’re at home

Another essential for RRC Library users is a live chat service. You may have noticed this little chatbot as you first enter the RRC Library website. I know what you’re thinking, is this a robot? Sorry to burst your bubble but it is a dedicated RRC Library staff member ready to help RRC students with their reference needs. Due to the restrictions of the pandemic, this service is more valuable than ever before. Thanks to this service, RRC students can stay safe at home and have their reference needs satisfied all the while.

Although we may remain socially distant for the time being, if we remain open to adapting and interacting with each other just like ALMA and the numerous RRC Library services it provides, we can all get through these times and be better as an RRC family when we do return to normalcy.

Visit the Library – Online!

To view the complete range of supports available from the Library and Academic Success Centre, visit our websites!

LIBRARYPerson working at a laptop with books at the side. text: RRC Library: Guiding You Through A World of Information.

ACADEMIC SUCCESS CENTREFemale students with a big smile. Text: Academic Success Centre

This academic year finds us in quite a different world; however, our commitment to providing you with the supports and services you need to succeed at RRC remains unchanged. As we continue this year together, the Academic Success Centre & Library are here for you.

GUIDE SPOTLIGHT SERIES | Oncology Nursing Guide: A Collaboration

November 30, 2020

Collaboration resulted in a tailor-made guide

In this special edition of Guide Spotlight, we celebrate the collaboration between a Library staff member and an instructor from RRC’s Nursing Department. The Oncology Nursing guide began as a conversation and resulted in a tailor-made guide which “contains up-to-date and comprehensive Oncology resources and allows students enrolled in [the] 3rd-year Oncology Nursing elective to engage in meaningful research that will be individually tailored to their learning needs. Access to these up-to-date resources will also benefit our students as they prepare to enter practice in our health care settings across the province.” (Joanne Loughery, Nursing Instructor)

Special thanks to Rosemary for the support and valuable research expertise she provides to our nursing students as we prepare them for excellence in nursing practice in complex health care settings.

What is a guide?

Library Guides pull together a range of resources on a given topic. These include materials from the Library’s collection such as books, videos, and articles as well as online sources such as webpages, YouTube videos, and online reports. Guides house all of this information in one place, simplifying access and providing a single link you can place on your LEARN site. One of the great aspects of guides is their flexibility – they can be updated, adapted, and transformed at any time.

What is the process?

Rosemary Woodby describes the process of collaborating on a guide as “flexible, but typically starts with a discussion about what is needed for the class – what type of resources and topics will this guide focus on? I then ask for recommendations – are there webpages, videos, books, or articles that an instructor recommends to their students? I combine those recommendations with items from the Library into a guide format using our LibGuide software platform and when we are all happy with the result the guide is published and made available to students and the college community.”

I can build these myself but when developed in collaboration with faculty they are so much richer; and create a strong resource that is tailored to the needs of the students. (Rosemary Woodby, Library Services)

Interested in collaborating on a subject guide?

If you are interested in working with a Library staff member on the creation of a guide, please contact the Library by emailing or click on the Ask Us bubble at

Visit the Guides

This academic year finds us in quite a different world; however, our commitment to providing you with the supports and services you need to succeed at RRC remains unchanged. As we continue this year together, the Academic Success Centre & Library are here for you.

Free Supports From Your Library and Academic Success Team!

October 22, 2020

A special message from Library Services

This new academic year finds us in quite a different world, however, our commitment to providing you with the supports and services needed to succeed at RRC remains unchanged; in fact, it has grown stronger. We have expanded our online services, and also provide some onsite supports as requested, which means we are able to meet you where and when you need us. As we continue this fall term together, we are here for you.

Online supports

Our virtual services and support are available to you for free five days a week during the following hours:

Monday – Thursday
7:45 am – 5:00 pm

7:45 am – 4:30 pm

See below for an overview of what we offer and how to access our services.

Academic Success Centre

Female students with a big smile. Text: Academic Success CentreThe Academic Success Centre offers an array of academic supports and services online, by e-mail or phone – visit their website and connect with them! They have a dedicated group of tutors and specialists ready to support you in your course work. To request tutoring, academic coaching, EAL supports, or academic writing support, students can complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.

RRC Library

Person working at a laptop with books at the side. text: RRC Library: Guiding You Through A World of Information.The Library’s online services remain as robust as ever, with continual improvements in programming and content. In addition to guides and mini-lectures on demand, the Library’s online collection is available 24/7 through OneSearch. We help students with research and database navigation through various online options such as chat, email and Teams. To ask a question or connect with a Library staff member, visit and click on the Ask Us bubble.

Or connect with us in-person

On Mondays and Wednesdays, the NDC Library is open 7:45 am – 5:00 pm. Come by for a quiet place to focus on your work (free wi-fi included) and in-person assistance from a Library staff member.

Onsite tutoring and EAL supports are available by appointment at NDC on Mondays and Wednesdays (daytime) and at EDC on Fridays (daytime). To book an appointment, students can complete the Tutoring and Coaching Request Form.

Library Lunch and Learn – October/November Edition

October 1, 2020

Join Us For Lunch and Learn a New Skill!

Laptop displaying Library Lunch and Learn logo on the screen. Text says, "Library Lunch and Learn Video Version"The world of information is increasingly vast and also tainted by a great deal of misinformation. Library Lunch and Learn is a series of mini-lectures designed to teach you the specifics of finding and evaluating information. We also demonstrate the ins and outs of individual databases, which offer a wealth of information catered to your area of expertise.

October/November 2020 Schedule

Below is the October/November schedule of popular Library Lunch and Learn topics. For the complete list of available Lunch and Learn videos, visit the Library Lunch and Learn page, which is updated weekly.

Monday, October 5
The New PubMed – Nursing Database

Nursing student. Lunch and Learn logo. Text: The New PubMed - Nursing Database

PubMed is an open-access database, created by the National Library of Medicine, that contains more than 30 million citations and abstracts of peer-reviewed biomedical literature. PubMed is used by researchers the world over.

Wednesday, October 7
Business Source Complete – Business Database

Business Student. Lunch and Learn logo. text: Business Source Complete - Business Database.

This essential database for business students contains tens of thousands of full-text journal and magazine articles as well as newspaper items and e-books. Find current news stories, case studies, industry reports, market research reports, company profiles, SWOT analyses, and more greatly enhance your understanding of the world of business.

Wednesday, October 14
Knovel – Engineering Database

Student on construction site. Lunch and Learn logo. Text: Knovel - Engineering Database.

Knovel is more than a database of e-books covering a variety of engineering subject areas. This unique database also features interactive tools including Properties Materials Search; Interactive Equations, the browser-based calculation software – Equation Solver, detailed Unit Converter, Steam Calculators, Interactive Periodical Table, and the ability to create and share folders of your saved results and work.

Monday, October 19
Nursing Reference Centre – Nursing Database

Nursing student. Lunch and Learn logo. Text: Nursing Reference Centre - Nursing Database.

Designed specifically for nurses, this resource provides evidence-based information for point of care, continuing education, drug databases, nursing research, and more.

Wednesday, October 21
How Not to Drown in Information

A person looking up information on a tablet. Lunch and Learn logo. text: How not to drown in information

Forget information overload, we often feel like drowning in information with nobody throwing us a lifeline to shore. From CRAAP to RADAR, pick up some quick tips to evaluate information while researching for an assignment and learn how Google/Wikipedia can work with library resources not against.

Monday, October 26
RxTx – Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Database

Person in lab coat looking into a microscope. Lunch and Learn logo. text: RxTx - Pharmaceutical and therapeutic database.

RxTx is Canada’s authoritative source for prescribing and managing drug therapy, providing online access to evidence-based, reliable Canadian drug, and therapeutic information. In this session, we will explore the multiple facets of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Association’s RxTx database.

Wednesday, October 28
IBISWorld – Business Database

Business student having a conversation. Lunch and Learn logo.Text: IBISWorld - Business Database.

For Business students and anyone researching industry information, IBISWorld is a go-to database. It provides access to Canadian and US industry reports containing trends, market information, industry statistics, competitive landscape, and other industry-related information.

Monday, November 2
Making the Most of LinkedIn Learning

Man in suit making thumbs up signal. Lunch and learn logo. text: Making the Most of LinkedIn Learning.

The LinkedIn Learning videos, formerly known as, have found their way into course work and even our Library guides. This session provides a refresher on what it is and how to navigate the various parts of a LinkedIn Learning Course to take advantage of this powerful tool for learning.

Wednesday, November 4
MarketLine – Business Database

Person pointing a pen at a sheet with graphs and statistics on it. Library Lunch and Learn logo. Text: MarketLine - Business Database.

Business and Marketing students need to locate quality business information. Be sure to familiarize yourself with Marketline to access 50,000 industry, company, and country profiles. Profiles offer standardized market data, competitive analysis, and other insights into business organization and function. You will also find socio and macroeconomic insights.

Have a question?

Ask Us button for Library chatDuring the Library’s regular hours, a friendly staff member is available to chat with you online. Just click on the Ask Us bubble at

Whether you’re at home or on campus, Library Services is here to support you and help you reach your goals.

Your Ideal Study Space: Find What You Need at the NDC Library

September 16, 2020

We are here to support you

Library Services is committed to helping you succeed and reach your goals. With our Notre Dame Campus Library now open in a limited capacity, we offer a variety of study space options during the following hours:

Monday & Wednesday
7:45am – 5:00pm

We Are Also Online

Our online service desk is open five days a week during the following hours:Ask Us button for Library chat

Monday – Thursday
7:45am – 5:00pm

7:45am – 4:30pm

To connect with us online, simply click on the Ask Us bubble at

Highlights of the NDC study space

Whether it’s in the corner, by a window, or under the skylight, you can choose your preferred study space at the NDC Library. Here are a few highlights:

  • Physically-distanced group study spaces with rolling whiteboards, comfortable chairs, and side tables
  • Individual tables and desks so you can spread out
  • Study carrels and breakout rooms for those who prefer quiet, enclosed spaces
  • Comfortable, padded chairs with side tables to study in comfort

Added benefits

Studying in the Library has additional benefits, such as:

  • In-person reference
  • Face-to-face tutoring and coaching by appointment
  • Upgraded wi-fi
  • Plug-ins throughout
  • Printer/scanner with limited computer use nearby
  • Easy access to the Library’s print collection
  • Option to eat while you study

Picture gallery

Check out these photos of the spaces you will find at the NDC Library.

Library Lunch and Learn – September Edition

September 3, 2020

Library Lunch and Learn is Now Online

We have scheduled two videos per week of our popular Lunch and Learn topics. Links to these videos are available on the Library Lunch and Learn page. Each session will feature one topic to help you become efficient at finding and accessing quality information.

September Schedule

Here is the line-up of Lunch and Learn videos for the month of September:

Wed, Sep 9

OneSearch (new and improved)

Mon, Sep 14

Research Skills

Wed, Sep 16

RefWorks – Reference Management

Mon, Sep 21

UpToDate: Point-of-Care Clinical Database

Wed, Sep 23


Mon, Sep 28

Advanced CINAHL (Nursing Database)

Wed, Sep 30

Crediting Ideas: Resources to Help Avoid Plagiarism

Want to See the Full Schedule?

To view the complete Lunch and Learn fall schedule, visit the Library Lunch and Learn page. Please note: this schedule is subject to change — always check the Events Calendar for current sessions.

Have a question? Ask Us!

Ask Us button for Library chatTo ask a question through our online service desk, simply visit and click on the Ask Us button.

What to Expect at RRC Library This Fall

August 31, 2020

Things Look Different On Campus, But Our Commitment Will Never Change

Myself and all the staff at the library are looking forward to finding creative ways to ensure we meet your information and study needs. (Alan Chorney, Manager, Information and Program Delivery)

NDC Library at the Notre Dame Campus has officially re-opened in a limited capacity. While we look forward to offering in-person service once again, we encourage our patrons to continue to take advantage of our online service desk, which is available during regular Library hours by clicking the Ask Us bubble at Due to restrictions related to COVID-19, the physical Library is currently limited to 30 patrons at any given time.

Services and Spaces Available

The following spaces and services are currently available at the NDC Library:

  • Individual study spaces
  • One printer/photocopier
  • Three computer stations
  • Limited physically-distanced group study space
  • Borrowing of Library materials
  • Limited one-on-one tutoring
  • Reference services

What is Different?

We have spread things out to accommodate physical distancing. Masks are mandatory on campus, including in the Library spaces. You may still eat and drink in the Library but are expected to clean surfaces with the provided supplies before and after. All students are expected to have read the Before You Enter Campus Information on the College’s website before arrival.

Signage has been put up throughout the Library to help you know which spaces can and can’t be used. We have a variety of choices available, marked by signs that indicate “Individual Study Space” or “Group Study Space.” Three computers are open in addition to one printer/photocopier nearby. You will be asked to line up for service, and physical distancing is in effect throughout the Library. Signing in and out when you enter and exit is also a new requirement.

These images show how spaces at the NDC Library are looking these days:

table reserved for tutoring

Reserved for one-on-one tutoring

Two carrels taped off due to COVID-19 related restrictions

Taped off area in carrels

Individual study space by a window

Individual study space by a window

Staff only sign

Sign indicating a staff only area

Service desk at NDC Library, with plexiglass

Service desk with plexiglass shields in place

Sign indicating seat is unavailable

Signage indicating seat is unavailable

Lounge chairs for individual study

Lounge chairs for individual study

One of three computers available for use

One of three computers available for use

Carrels for individual study

Carrels for individual study

Large tables with whiteboards nearby

Large tables with whiteboards nearby

What Will Never Change

This new academic year finds us in quite a different world, however, our commitment to providing you with the supports and services you need to succeed at RRC remains unchanged; in fact, it has grown stronger. We have expanded our online services, which means we are able to meet you where and when you need us. Indeed, Library Services offers the same supports as always, just in different ways. As we venture forth together, we wish the College community of students and staff an insightful year of learning and discovery.

More information > COVID-19 FAQ page

Have a question? > Click on the Ask Us bubble at

Updating a Living Textbook: a RefWorks Success Story

June 25, 2020

RefWorks: an Incredible Citation Tool

This past winter, the Library acquired a reference management software called RefWorks for college-wide use.  This incredible tool has many practical uses.  For students, it will store their articles and other resources, give them a Reference page and help with in-text citations.  For faculty, this can be a useful tool for sharing documents amongst group members with a lot of extra functionality.

How RefWorks Was Used in a Recent Partnership

The Library recently partnered with the School of Health Sciences and Community Services with regards to the Science of Early Child Development living textbook and modules.  These resources are used by students globally and contain an enormous number of references that were cited in APA 6th style.  With the release of the 7th edition APA this past October, these citations needed to be updated quickly.  All of the references from the living textbook and modules have now been entered into RefWorks and PDFs were uploaded to give one site storage in RefWorks.  In addition, the SECD team now have the capability to make revisions and to allow for swift updates should there ever be an APA 8th edition.

The Library Team “showed dedication and attention to detail and did an incredible amount of ‘heavy lifting’, saving us time and ensuring that we can move forward with APA 7th Edition changes.” – Jan Sanderson, Research Chair, School of Health Sciences and Community Services.

Do you have a research project that you are working on?  Need to share resources with colleagues?  Then RefWorks is the perfect tool for you.  Library staff can help you and your team get started.

More Information:

Questions? Connect with Us!

Ask Us button for Library chatWhile the Library’s physical doors are closed, we are able to serve you virtually through chat, email and virtual meetings.

To connect with us, simply visit and click on the Ask Us button.


Written by Joan Boersma, Library Services