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The Teaching Professor

January 2, 2019

The Library has purchased a subscription to the online journal The Teaching Professor.

The Teaching Professor was founded in 1987 with a simple goal in mind: Create a newsletter that helps college faculty improve their teaching, share best practices, and stay current on the latest pedagogical research.

Since that time, The Teaching Professor has become a trusted guide for tens of thousands of educators who are committed to creating a better learning environment. The new Teaching Professor, launched August 2018, reflects the changing needs of today’s college faculty and the students they teach. This new fully online version includes everything readers have loved about The Teaching Professor for so many years—great articles and practical, evidence-based insights—but it also contains many new features and formats that will make it an even more indispensable resource.

Each week readers can expect thought-provoking and actionable advice on a wealth of critical topics, including:

  • Improving student learning
  • Designing effective activities and assignments
  • Energizing and re-inspiring yourself in mid-career
  • Promoting academic integrity
  • Responding to course evaluations and feedback
  • Dealing with difficult students
  • Getting students to read what’s assigned


You may find a link to the The Teaching Professor in the Library’s A-Z Database page at

Posted by Mark Nelson – RRC Library