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Local Culinary Inspiration

May 7, 2015

It is the time of year where every Manitoba foodie or culinary enthusiast is looking forward to the local growing season. Regardless of if you are a current culinary student, thinking about becoming a student at The Paterson Global Foods Institute or you are a student at any of our Red River Campuses, we encourage you to visit the John and Bonnie Buhler Library at the Roblin Centre to gain some inspiration for your summer culinary training, or adventures.

Check out the Manitoba Farmers Market Association to find hours and dates for a Farmer’s Market near you. Be sure to know what is in season to effectively plan a dish or menu that will showcase the freshest local items. Not sure what is in season? Check out the Harvest Guide brought to you by the St. Norbert Farmers Market.

Then visit the  John and Bonnie Buhler Library at the Roblin Centre for books and DVD’s that will detail techniques and inspiration for your culinary creations. We suggest some of the following:


prairie feastPrairie feast : a writer’s journey home for dinner / Amy Jo Ehman

A year of eating locally results in a gastronomical journey through prairie food festivals, local food traditions and the infamous community dinners. A humorous, light-hearted chronicle of the writer’s love affair with good food, prairie traditions and flavours from her childhood with recipes peppered throughout. Fueled by nostalgia and her taste buds, she set out to rediscover the flavours of her childhood – the flavours of natural, local, farm-fresh prairie food. When she vowed to serve only locally produced food at her own dinner table for one year, the pursuit took on a life of its own. Beautiful photographs enhance Amy Jo’s mouth-watering menus, recipes and her adventures in the pursuit of home grown prairie food. –Google Books


feastA feast for all seasons : traditional native people’s cuisine / Andrew George and Robert Gairns

Traditional North American Native peoples’ cuisine has existed for centuries, but its central tenet of respecting nature and its bounty have never been as timely as they are now. Andrew George Jr. of the Wet’suwet’en Nation in Canada is a well-respected aboriginal chef and instructor who has spent the last twenty-five years promoting the traditions of First Nations food. In A Feast for All Seasons, written with Robert Gairns, he has compiled aboriginal recipes that feature ingredients from the land, sea, and sky, elements of an enduring cuisine that illustrate respect for the environment and its creatures and an acknowledgment of the spiritual power that food can have in our lives. –Google Books


modern native feastsModern native feasts : healthy, innovative, sustainable cuisine / Andrew George Jr.

Native American cuisine comes of age in this elegant, contemporary collection that reinterprets and updates traditional Native recipes with modern, healthy twists. Andrew George Jr. was head chef for aboriginal foods at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver; his imaginative menus reflect the diverse new culinary landscape while being mindful of an ages-old reverence for the land and sea, reflecting the growing interest in a niche cuisine that is rapidly moving into the mainstream to become the “next big thing” among food trends. Andrew also works actively at making Native foods healthier and more nutritious, given that Native peoples suffer from diabetes at twice the rates of non-Natives; his recipes are lighter, less caloric, and include Asian touches… – Google Books


borealThe boreal gourmet : adventures in northern cooking / Michele Genest ; photographs by Cathie Archbould

“Bring me moose meat! You will not be sorry!” So says Whitehorse author and cook Michele Genest to the hunters in her circle. Wild is wonderful when it comes to Genest’s creative treatments for northern viands, with exciting ideas such as moose cooked in Yukon-brewed espresso stout and finished with chocolate, lime and cilantro, Arctic char marinated in grappa and then hot-smoked, or roasted spruce grouse draped in a sour cream and Madeira sauce. As much culinary adventure story as cookbook, The Boreal Gourmet combines a portrait of northern life with an exploration of wild or “country” foods in gourmet recipes for the home cook. These recipes are inspired by a diversity of countries, traditions and kitchens, and spring from a love affair with the indigenous foods that flourish in the boreal forests and river valleys of the Yukon… –Google books


pemmicanFrom pemmican to poutine : a journey through Canada’s culinary history / Suman Roy & Brooke Ali. Author :Roy, Suman

Canadian cuisine is distinctive. From Pemmican to Poutine: A Culinary Journey through Canada’s History from Coast to Coast represents the unique and diverse food culture and history of Canadian cuisine. Through recipes, history, and legendary stories, this book will shine a much-needed spotlight and deliciousness on Canadian cuisine and brings it to the forefront for food lovers around the world.—Google Books


If you are taking the summer off and would rather relax than spend the day in the kitchen. Then let Red River do the cooking for you. Be sure to check out Jane’s Restaurant Summer hours plan a visit for lunch or dinner to treat yourself, and support the experience of fellow students.