What is Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the new chat‑based workspace in Office 365. The Microsoft Teams workspace was built on the following four core promises: (1) chat for today’s teams, (2) a hub for teamwork, (3) customizable for each team, and (4) security teams trust.

Teams includes the following features:

  • You can use Teams in your web browser or download the app (refer to the Additional Information – Mobile app availability section for instructions).
  • You can easily access Office 365 apps including OneDrive, SharePoint, OneNote, and Microsoft Planner.
  • You can facilitate video call meetings within the Teams app.
  • You can chat one‑on‑one with members of your team or create small group chats.

Check out the Microsoft Teams Interactive Demo for a guided tour of Teams.

Getting started with Microsoft Teams

Who can have Microsoft Teams?

  • Teams is part of the Office 365 suite that is available to all College staff who have an active username@rrc.ca email account.
  • We currently do not offer Teams to students but plan to provide student access soon.
  • Alumni and retired staff are not eligible to have access to Teams.

Are there any costs?

Teams is part of the Office 365 suite that is available to all College staff at no cost.

NOTE: You are responsible for any personal Internet or cellular data charges incurred while using Teams.

How do I get Microsoft Teams?

  • Refer to the Microsoft Teams – Downloads webpage to download the desktop and mobile apps. (For Windows phones, refer to the Microsoft Store website to download.)
  • To use Teams in your web browser, log on to your HUB home page, and in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Office 365. Once you log on to Office 365, click the app launcher () icon in the top left‑hand corner, and then click Teams.

How do I create a Team?

  • To have IT Solutions create your Team, please submit a Case Log. Team requests require permission from your supervisor.
  • Please review the Teams terms of use Legal Information webpage before using the app.

How do I delete a Team?

IMPORTANT: When you delete a Team, you permanently delete the group. This includes all team chats, group conversations, email messages, files, calendars, and any other related information. If you would like to delete a Team, please refer to Microsoft’s Delete a team webpage. IT Solutions can recover deleted teams for up to only 30 days.

What if I leave RRC?

IT Solutions recommends that you have at least two owners per Team to ensure that there will always be an owner to manage it. If one of the Team owners leaves the College, the second owner can assume responsibility to prevent disruption to the remaining Team members.

Additional information about Microsoft Teams

Supported platforms

You can use Teams on web browsers, desktop apps, and mobile devices.

Supported browsers

Refer to Microsoft’s Get clients for Microsoft Teams – Web client webpage for the most current information about which browsers Teams supports.

Desktop client

The Teams desktop client is supported on Windows 7 and later (32‑ & 64‑bit) and Mac OS X 10.10 and later. To download, refer to the Microsoft Teams – Downloads webpage.

Mobile app availability


  • Members per Team: 2,500 (max. limit)
  • Number of teams a user can create: 250
  • Number of channels per team: 200
  • Number of members in a group chat: 20
  • Refer to Microsoft’s Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams webpage for more information.


Microsoft designed Office 365 features with built-in accessibility to support people with different abilities. Refer to Microsoft’s Accessibility – Office 365 webpage for more information.

Help & support

IT Solutions can help you with tutorials and FAQ. For assistance, please submit a Case Log or email ITS at its‑information@rrc.ca.

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