What is Webex Teams and why would I use it?

Webex Teams is available to all students and staff for team collaboration and conferencing to make it easier to work together. By combining persistent chat functionality (similar to Slack) and full audio/video conferencing functionality, you can work together with more flexibility and efficiency.

Webex Teams makes collaboration easier with College‑wide access at all RRC campuses. You can log on to Teams using your College user name (followed by @rrc.ca for staff or @academic.rrc.ca for students) and password.

Webex Teams keeps your personal data and communications private and secure, and it will not use your information for any vendor marketing. Data is end‑to‑end encrypted, and spaces are secure to authenticated users. You can lock spaces to allow only a moderator to add and remove people to the space.

What are People, Spaces, and Teams?

In the Cisco Webex Teams app, all your work takes place within spaces where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, share files, and use whiteboards. You can choose from the following types of spaces (depending on why you need to chat):

  • People: Sometimes you just need to send a message directly to one person. When you do, that conversation remains between the two of you. You cannot add other people to the conversation later.
  • Spaces: Spaces work well for a group of people working on a specific topic. You come together to address the topic (which might be something brief or long-term), but the focus is more narrow and specific. If your initial intention changes and your project outgrows its original purpose, you can simply move the space into a team, and it becomes a team space.
  • Team Spaces: Teams help you keep everything organized by putting multiple spaces under a common theme. Teams are great for a consistent group of people who are going to be working on something for a long time. This could include something complicated that involves many activities, or it might involve subprojects that are happening at the same time.

    Every team has a General team space, and every person on the team is automatically added to this space. As a team member, you can view and join all spaces in the team and you can create additional team spaces for others to join.

Where can I find online help and troubleshooting tips?

For information about logging on to Webex Teams or downloading the app, refer to the Introduction to Webex Teams Help Resources page.

To learn about tools and techniques to help you improve your experience with Webex Teams, refer to the following Cisco webpages:

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