Upgrade Windows 10 to version 1703

An updated version of Windows 10 is now available in Software Center. The upgrade process takes about an hour. Your computer will restart several times throughout the process.

  1. Next to the Microsoft button on the bottom left of the toolbar, type Software Center.
  2. Click on Software Center when it appears to the top of the menu.search software center
  3. Click Updates on the left hand menu when Software Center has opened.
  4. Then click Windows 10 upgrade to version 1703.click updates then click the update for win10 v1703
  5. Click Install.
    Please Note: A restart of your computer may be required. If so, please follow the prompts.click install restart may be required
  6. A message box will open, informing you, “When you install a new operating system all the existing data on your computer will be removed.”
    Please Note that:

    • This only refers to the data that is associated with the previous version of Windows 10.
    • It does not affect your data, your documents or any of your information on your computer.
    • This is a bit of a scary message and Microsoft is working on changing the wording.
  7. Click Install Operating System. There may be several restarts of your computer.click install operating system
  8. You will see the familiar circling while it is Installing. installing
  9. Click Restart.click restart
  10. A warning message appears asking you to save your work and close all programs.
  11. Click Restart once everything has been saved and closed.click restart again
  12. During the next part of the process, you will see the progress in a percentage amount on your screen throughout the upgrade.
  13. Once this portion of the upgrade is complete, it will restart your computer on its own.
  14. When your login screen opens up, type in your:
    • user name
    • password
  15. The screen will show “Hi” and it will continue the update process. This will take several minutes and again show you its progress with a percentage.
  16. Your desktop will open up when the upgrade process is complete. You may see some circling again as you open up your email for the first time, as an example.
  17. A new tab called Microsoft Edge Tips may open in the Windows Edge browser showing what some of the new updates have been. Feel free to scroll through to learn the features.microsoft edge tips

You may now continue to work as usual. Here is the direct link to the Microsoft Edge Tips