Teams recording in OneDrive


Where will the meeting recording be stored for different kinds of meetings?

  • For non-Channel meetings, the recording is stored in a folder named Recordings that’s at the top level of the OneDrive for Business that belongs to the person who started the meeting recording. Example: recorder’s OneDrive for Business/Recordings.
  • For Channel meetings, the recording is stored in the Teams site documentation library in a folder named Recordings. Example: Team name – Channel name/Documents/Recordings.

Who has the permissions to view the meeting recording?

  • For non-Channel meetings, all meeting invitees, except for external users, will automatically get a personally shared link. External users will need to be explicitly added to the shared list by the meeting organizer or the person who started the meeting recording.
  • For Channel meetings, permissions are inherited from the owners and members list in the channel.
  • NOTE: You will not get an email when the recording finishes saving, but the recording will appear in the meeting chat once it’s finished. This will happen much quicker than it did in Stream previously.

How can I manage captions?

Closed captions (English only at this time) for Teams meeting recordings will be available during playback only if the user had transcription turned on at the time of recording. By default, if it is a scheduled meeting, as soon as you click Start Recording, transcription will automatically start.
Unfortunately it would not be possible to edit the transcription the same way you used to in the current MS Stream.

Captions help create inclusive content for viewers of all abilities. As an owner, you can hide captions on the meeting recording, although the meeting transcript will still be available on Teams unless you delete it there.

Closed captions are supported for Teams meeting recordings for 60 days from when the meeting is recorded.
Closed captions aren’t fully supported if the Teams Meeting Recording is moved or copied from its original location on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint.

How can I play a Teams meeting recording?

Your video will play on the video player of OneDrive for Business or SharePoint depending on where you access the file. When the meeting recording becomes available in the meeting chat, you can click on the three dots (…) and click Open in OneDrive.

How can I share a Teams meeting recording?

  1. Once you have it open in OneDrive, you can click on the (i) icon on the top right for more details and controls over permissions.
    click the "i" icon
  2. Click Manage Access to edit permissions.
    manage access
  3. If you want to create a link that anyone from the college can access to watch the recording, click on the Advanced button as shown below:
    1. The video permissions would now open in SharePoint and you can click on the Grant Permissions button on top left-hand side of the toolbar.
    2. Click on Get a Link in the new window that opens.
    3. Click on the Dropdown arrow and select View Link – Red River College account required.
    4. Select and copy the link and you are ready to share it with anyone in the College and users would be able to watch the video by logging in with their RRC Polytech account.

      rrc polytech onedrive

    What will happen to the videos that are currently on MS Steam?

    Stream as a platform would not be deprecated in the near future. The videos that currently live in Stream will stay there until we start migrating. Upon migration, those videos will be migrated to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint as well.

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