Release your print job in PaperCut

You can release your print jobs using the following three methods:

  • Swipe your staff card at the device.
  • Enter your College user name and password at the device.
  • Use the PaperCut print management software on your computer.

To release your print job using PaperCut print management software, follow these steps:

IMPORTANT: Never use this method to release print jobs containing personal or confidential information. Always release sensitive information at the device to avoid leaving hard copies unattended or unclaimed.

  1. Print your document, and then log on to PaperCut using your College User name and Password.
  2. NOTE: For quick access to the PaperCut log on screen, you can use either of the following two options:
    • Log on to HUB, and in the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click the Print Account icon.
    • OR

    • Click Show hidden icons at the bottom right‑hand side of your Windows 10 taskbar (Windows 8.1 displays the PaperCut icon directly on the taskbar), click the PaperCut icon, and then click the Details link.
  3. Click the Jobs Pending Release pane on the left‑hand side to manage the documents that you have in the print queue in the following ways:
    • At the top left‑hand side of the page, you can click the Release All or Cancel All buttons to manage all your pending documents at once.
    • At the top right‑hand side of the page, you can click the Refresh Now link (or wait for the Auto refresh timer) to update the list of documents pending release.
    • In the Action column, you can click the print or cancel links to manage your pending documents individually.

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