Increase font size in VMware client

If your display is automatically reducing the font size in your VMware client, please follow these steps to scale the font to a larger size:

  1. Visit the My VMware – Download Product page, click the Download Now button in the bottom right‑hand corner, and then follow the prompts to install the latest version of the VMware client that includes the scaling feature (requires you to restart your computer).
    vmware download button
  2. Launch the VMware client and log on, select the virtual desktop you need to adjust, and then click the Settings gear icon in the top right‑hand corner.
    vmware settings icon
  3. On the Settings window, apply the following settings:
    • Connect Via: PCoIP
    • Display: Window — Large
    • Allow display scaling: Select this check box to display the Scaling drop‑down menu.
    • Scaling: In the drop‑down menu, select 250% (you can readjust the scaling to the size you prefer).
    • Click the OK button to accept the changes and exit the Settings window.

    vmware scaling drop-down menu

  4. Close the VMware client, and then relaunch it and log on to view the newly scaled display.

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