Introduction to Case Log

Case Log is the College’s trouble‑ticket system that allows you to request help and technical support with technology resources at the College.

To create a new Case Log, follow these steps:

  1. On your HUB home page, on the Launchpad widget, under Applications, click Case Log.
    case log app
  2. When Case Log opens, click the New Case Log link on the top menu bar.
    new case log
  3. Choose from the following Case Log Urgency categories:
    • Normal: Applies to most Case Log concerns.
    • Urgent: Your need should be addressed as soon as possible because it is time sensitive, but the scope of the problem is limited.
    • Emergency: Your concerns are critical to all College services or operations and are a very high priority. These Case Logs notifications are sent to the managers of the category that you have chosen.

    Case Log Urgency

    NOTE: Most Case Logs fall under the Normal Case Log Urgency category.
  4. On the Case Category menu, select the category that best describes your issue (there are different Case Categories for staff and students). Most categories expand to reveal additional category options.
    student case log categories
    NOTE: Choosing an appropriate category will help IT Solutions to more promptly resolve your Case Log. IT Solutions will redirect incorrectly categorized Case Logs to the area that can best help resolve your issue.
  5. On the Case Details menu, complete all fields, provide a detailed description, and attach screenshots if applicable.
    Case Details
    NOTE: Provide as much detail as possible. The more detail IT Solutions receives, the better able it is to help troubleshoot your concern. Try to include the following information:

    • Identify any programs you are using, e.g. Word, Excel, LEARN, etc.
    • Provide any other pertinent information, e.g. the browser you are using (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, etc.).
    • Provide any relevant links (URLs) to the site, blog, or webpage you are working with.
    • Attach screenshots of error messages or unusual onscreen activity. Refer to the Capture screenshots to attach to emails & Case Logs webpage for instructions.

  6. Click Preview Case at the bottom of the page (refer to the image in Step 5), review your Case Log, and click Cancel to go back and make changes or click Submit if you are satisfied with the information.
    submit case log

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