Language Training Centre

The Language Training Centre at Red River College has developed and delivered English language programs for more than 30 years. The Centre offers a variety of English language and academic preparation programs that support successful learning, living and working in the heart of Canada.

The Centre offers full-time language programs with 25 hours of instruction per week. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) instructors are certified and experienced in teaching English to international students. Our Intensive English courses are interactive, with periodic excursions and the use of computer labs and online learning programs.

International students enrolling in programs at the Language Training Centre are required to have an English language assessment to ensure placement in the appropriate program and level. Students entering into the Intensive English for International Students (IEIS) program are tested on-site at the Language Training Centre and placed in one of the program’s many comprehensive levels.

The programs at the Language Training Centre are designed to help learners develop English communication skills through a variety of classroom and cultural activities. Educational, cultural and social activities will help program participants to practice and integrate their language learning in real world situations with Canadians in the community.

Program Options

Intensive English for International Students (IEIS)

Red River College’s Intensive English for International Students (IEIS) program is designed to develop the English language skills of international students so that they can communicate effectively in everyday life, academic settings and employment in an English-speaking environment. There is a focus on listening, speaking, reading and writing skill development through a variety of communicative tasks. Program outcomes will be met through classroom study, cultural events, field trips, guest speakers and state-of-the-art online language learning opportunities. Students will also receive an orientation to living and studying in Canada.

If you would like to learn cultural skills for daily life in Canada, and learn the language skills you will need to attend an academic program in a college or university in Canada, this program is for you!

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Program Fees


Intensive English for International Students (IEIS) Tuition is $4,500 per 4-month term

There are additional fees for the application fee, Student Association fee, Student Services fee, student health insurance and international health insurance.

For more information on the program options and costs, please contact the International Education Office.

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