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Late Tuition Fees Policy

Tuition fees are due on or before your first day of term start. It is imperative that all students abide by the terms of your agreement with Red River College.

Students that are approved for payment plans are not exempt from certain Red River College Policies including but not limited the following:

  • Students are required to complete and submit a Withdrawal Form for Students in Full-Time Programs if they decide they no longer wish to continue in their full-time program or a Part-Time Course Drop/Withdrawal Form if they wish to drop their part-time course; the date of submission will be used to determine eligibility of tuition fee reduction / refund. These fee reductions / refunds are based on percentage of term completion for full time programs. Learn more about refunds for part-time courses.
  • Students on a payment plan are still required to follow withdrawal dates and procedures for exiting out of courses.
  • Any and all outstanding amounts will be subject to College collection procedures.

There is a one-time per payment plan set-up fee that will be assessed to your account at time of payment plan set-up. Red River College does require the following regarding payment plans:

  • The first payment is due on or before the first day of term start and it is 50% of that terms tuition amount
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis
  • Tuition amounts are paid in full one month prior to term completion

Additional financial information can be found on Red River College’s Fees page.

Important: If payment is not received by the payment dates proposed, your account will be charged a late fee for each late payment. In addition, you may be removed from your Program. Online banking payments take up to five business days to process; if this is your preferred method of payment, insure that transaction is completed five business days prior to scheduled date to avoid late fees. Payment plan dates cannot be changed once inputted into the system, students are responsible for ensuring they can meet the deadlines that have been agreed upon.

Once received and reviewed the Controller’s Office will make a decision whether to approve your payment plan request. If no agreeable solution can be made, Red River College will require you to make full tuition payment on or before the first day of your term.

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