Immigrant Students

Are you currently a Canadian permanent resident and considering studying at RRC Polytech? Here is everything you need to know.

Who is considered an immigrant student?

If you currently have a Canadian permanent residency or if you are a recently naturalized Canadian citizen, Red River College Polytechnic considers you a new immigrant student, and all information on this page applies to you.

If you do not have a Canadian permanent resident (immigrant) status, please see the international students page.

What programs are available at RRC Polytech for future immigrant students?

All programs in the RRC Polytech catalogue are available to permanent residents – or immigrant – students. Not only that, but immigrant students also pay domestic fees.

Are there any English programs available to new immigrant students?

Yes, we have several English programs available to new immigrant students. One of them is free (for permanent residents only) and is subsided by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Check out the Language Training Centre webpage for more information.

What are the admission requirements for future immigrant students?

The admission requirements for new immigrant students is similar to the requirements for international students – it is essential to check all admission requirements and also the language requirements.

Please note that, before applying to the program of your preference, you should have all the documents necessary for admissions. For immigrant students, the language proficiency test (application and results) and proof of education (equivalents of a Canadian grade 12 or other post-secondary education transcripts) may take several weeks to be processed.

How can I apply to Red River College Polytechnic?

New immigrant students can apply directly through Let our immigrant student advisor support you through this process – fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Do I need a Canadian visa to apply to RRC Polytech?

You must currently have a valid permanent resident card to apply for the program of your choice. If you don’t have a valid PR card, your application will be considered that of an international student.

Who should I contact at RRC Polytech if I’m an immigrant student?

If you’re a future international student who has not applied yet:

If you have applied and haven’t started your program yet:

If you have started at RRC Polytech and require general information:

If you have started at RRC Polytech and require information about an English program:

If you have started at RRC Polytech and require information about your academic program:

  • Please contact your specific Program Coordinator (you will receive their contact information at the start of your program)

If you have started at RRC Polytech and require financial and refund information:

If you have started at RRC Polytech and want to request your original documents back:

If you are a permanent resident or Canadian citizen and would like more information about attending a Red River College Polytechnic program, feel free to submit your questions in the form below.

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With a permanent resident or citizen status, you may apply to any program offered by RRC Polytech.


If you’re a future applicant, current student or graduate, read about the supports you can get from Red River College Polytechnic.