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Information for Fall 2020

Information for all international students for Fall 2020

Welcome to Red River College! We are looking forward to welcoming students from around the world to Red River College for the Fall 2020 Term.

To prepare for your upcoming studies at Red River College in the Fall 2020 term, please carefully review this important information about our program delivery model. If you are planning to study online while outside of Canada, use this information to ensure that you are prepared for a successful experience. If your program is not accessible from overseas, you should then plan to travel to Canada using the information provided below.

We are ready to support your success in your Red River College program!

Information for international students who plan to travel to Winnipeg

After reading the above information, if you decide to travel to Winnipeg for your program, you must follow these guidelines:

Information on RRC Orientation Program for All Students

The first step in your Red River College experience is getting oriented to the College and preparing to start your program.

Please make note of the following events and dates:

Questions and Answers

Please visit here for a list of frequently asked questions with answers. If you need support preparing to start your program or have more questions for us, please attend our live webinar on July 8, 2020. See more details above in Information on RRC Orientation Program for All Students.

Stay Safe!

You must not travel when you are ill. Should you experience any symptoms of respiratory illness during or after your trip, please seek immediate medical attention.

Now that you have the important information required for safe travel, we look forward to welcoming you to Winnipeg and your Red River College program. Have a safe journey!