Red River College provides an Airport Pickup Service program for International students who are arriving in Winnipeg for their first semester of study. This service is provided by Red River College volunteers (staff, faculty and student communities).

Any requests for an airport pickup must be made two weeks in advance of the flight arriving in Winnipeg. Requests made without two weeks prior notice, will not be accepted.

Red River College International Education staff will reply to you by email with a confirmation within five business days.

Note: Due to high demand, this service is limited and subject to availability of volunteers. 


  1. Please note that airport pickup will not be arranged until your student visa/study permit has been approved.
  2. You must already have accommodation arrangements made before requesting a pickup.
  3. Pickup service is available only from 8:00 am – 11:00 pm Winnipeg time.
  4. Please complete the Airport Pickup Request Form and submit it to