Xplora Design Skool

Red River College has launched its first international pathway program in India.

The new initiative will allow students at the Xplora Design Skool (XDS) in Ahmedabad, India to receive an International Diploma in Digital Media Design. Students take their first year of studies at XDS and are granted direct admission to RRC following the successful completion of their first year.

Students aren’t required to complete their second year at Red River College; however, the option exists and is advantageous, as Canada has many engaging and emerging opportunities for digital media designers.

“This partnership is important for moving our strategy to create opportunities for global engagement, and it opens the doors for students from India to learn cutting-edge skills in Canada,” says Christine Watson, vice-president of community development at RRC. “The new program showcases RRC and Manitoba as a world-class education destination for students.”

As part of the new program, RRC has sent Chris Brower, program coordinator for the College’s Digital Media Design program, to facilitate a train-the-trainer workshop for instructors at XDS. Part of Brower’s visit will include an overview of DMD, as well as available career opportunities and information about Manitoba.

“Chris Brower is an excellent ambassador for the College,” says Eddy Lau, interim director of International Education at RRC. “[We continue] to recruit more international students each year. Being able to offer training in digital media design makes the College highly sought after when it comes to attracting international students.”

RRC’s strategic plan encourages the creation of new and aggressive strategies to help recruit international students, who enrich the global learning environment and allow the College to further enhance programming for students from Manitoba.