About our Labs

Networking lab P305 | Networking lab P306 | ACE Project Space

Networking lab P305

The networking lab in P305 is a firewalled environment, where students can practice their security hardware skills: focusing on Unified Threat Management (UTM) devices, designing and implementing security architecture and controls, implementing security management and analytics to monitor effectiveness of their installations, working with firewalls, protecting web and mail services, implementing secure wireless networks, creating secured sandboxes to safely analyze malware and evaluating security controls to determine compliance. There is also a virtualized server environment supporting the lab.

Networking lab P306

The networking lab in P306 is a firewalled environment, a space where students can explore and discover the internal P306 network safely without disrupting the College’s production network.

Ace Project Space

The Ace Project Space is where Information Security Students who are enrolled in the Industry Project term work in cross-functional teams to complete their studies while meeting their project’s client requirements. It is a space where students enhance their critical thinking, problem solving, research, independence and life-long learning skills.

Additionally, all BIT, BTM and Information Security students and research assistants are welcome to use the Ace Project Space as a place of work and study.


Our network labs offer crucial value to students

Our networking labs are used for hands-on, interactive teaching. The labs are spaces for learning of network and security fundamentals, which need to be delivered in a secure, firewalled and isolated environment. That way, students don’t disrupt existing production systems.

Students get to work on actual equipment that they would see in production networks in small and medium businesses at the access level. Red River College Polytechnic is one of the few exclusive post-secondary networking environments in Manitoba.

Students benefit from our labs as they provide a kinesthetic learning environment. Students get to see and interact with equipment that is normally secured and hidden from everyone, except trusted Information Technology Network or Security professionals. Students use actual production access level switches, routers and firewalls with an available virtualized server network.