Faculty and staff of the Business Information Technology, Business Technology Management and Information Security programs have affiliations with the following associations. Please read on below for more details on each association:

Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS)

CIPS is the accrediting body for our Business Information Program (BIT). Representing a wide range of information technology (IT) professionals, CIPS offers a range of professional certifications to individuals working in the IT field. BIT graduates are eligible to apply for an Associate Information Technology Professional (AITP) designation as a first step enroute to professional recognition. Ultimately, after gaining more professional experience, BIT graduates can apply through CIPS for an AITP designation. Visit for more information.

Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)

ITAC is the accrediting body for our Business Technology Management Program (BTM).  Representing BTM professionals all across Canada, ITAC offers professional designations for individuals based on their experience in the field. The Applied Computer Education (ACE) department and ITAC collaborate and launch several events and programs including the BTM TalentMash event and the Career Ready Program.

Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC)

Some ACE faculty and staff are members of the ASAC organization, attend ASAC conferences and review its publications periodically.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

The IEEE is an international organization with global membership that is focused on “Innovat(ing) for a better tomorrow”, through engineering, computing and technology information. Publishing its own highly cited journals and publications, hosting industry conferences and developing technology standard, the IEEE acts as a body for professional and educational activities. Its membership exceeds 423,000 members in over 160 countries. The ACE department is proud to have faculty and staff who are active IEEE members. We engage in reviewing their publications, attend their worldwide conferences and share our findings through papers published in IEEE journals.

Information and Communications Technology Association of Manitoba (ICTAM)

ICTAM is the local organization that speaks on behalf of Manitoba information technology and communications professionals and businesses. ACE keeps close ties with ICTAM as a member of the organization and also as a sponsor for many of its events. In return, ICTAM sponsors many ACE activities and supports the department by providing information about the market need for IT professionals.

Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL)

CEWIL, formerly CAFCE, is the voice for post-secondary co-operative education and work-integrated learning in Canada. Their mission is to foster and advance post-secondary co-operative education and work-integrated learning in Canada. CEWIL has established national standards that are adopted and followed by the ACE department. They also promote the value of post-secondary co-operative education. We participate in their national conferences, receive regular news and event notices and provide them with statistics on our co-op placements.