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Wanna build a 100 mpg organization?

April 16, 2013

Joe Justice of Team WIKISPEED can help you get there in Manitoba’s agile event of the year, WINNISPEED, coming to a college near you (Red River, actually) in June.

0 to awesome in 25,200 secondsRRC's 100 mpg WINNISPEED car

In just 7 hours (25,200 seconds) you will build a 100 mpg car from scratch, and in the process experience how Joe and Team WIKISPEED leveraged agile methodologies borrowed from IT to transform the manufacturing process.

Come learn how agile can transform your organization in 25,200 seconds (or less).

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March 28, 2013

Following raves in Barcelona and Paris, you can be one of the few organizations to join Joe Justice in the first Team WIKISPEED workshops in Canada. In each of two “WINNISPEED” workshops June 10th and 11th, Joe will guide participants through the building of a car from scratch to demonstrate how Agile techniques can transform your organization.

After that, you can apply the same concepts and methodologies to your own context (corporate innovation, small hardware/design start-up, service based startup, NGO, education, etc…) and begin to change the world.

The event will be professionally video taped for later release.


Virtual Robot Games Website

March 12, 2012

A trio of Red River College students have received rave reviews from a local robotic software developer, for their work on a prototype website for the Manitoba-based Virtual Robot Games (VRG).

As part of their coursework for the fall term of RRC’s Business Information Technology program, second-year students Cyle Hunter, Scott Bevan and Nathaniel Dolynchuk paired with Winnipeg-based Cogmation Robotics, a software developer specializing in robotic simulation.

The students developed a web application that allows VRG competitors to register their virtual players and teams, to upload autonomous game behaviours, robots and arenas, and to view their resulting scores and rankings.

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