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Congratulations Zoe Rose

April 29, 2015

Zoe, a term 6 BIT Network Management student, has been selected as Cisco Live Dream Team Canadian Representative for this year.

Please click on the link below to see Zoe’s video application


Please see below for her answers to the application questions …

Describe why you are motivated to participate in this development opportunity with Cisco. (max 400 words)

I would love to join the 2015 Dream Team because I feel it would be an excellent skill developing experience, awesome resume item, and assist in making new business connections.

Describe any experience or qualities which demonstrate your ability to work with IT equipment, collaborate in a team environment, and deliver outstanding customer support. (max 400 words)


While working at a crown corporation (Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries) I; assisted end users with day to day troubleshooting, managed the casinos network and services across Manitoba, assisted floor staff on slot machines and event staff in the building of the new Club Regent Event Centre.


During my contract at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights I worked on building the network infrastructure for the gorgeous new building. I worked in the server room from Cisco Nexus 7000 to the AP located around the sculpture (the building has unique insurance because it actually is defined as a sculpture instead of a building). At the museum I worked with the mobile app department; developers and museum visitors, training and trouble shooting. As well assisting all departments in every day IT questions and issues.


I started a business where I do Managed Services (Glass Frog Technical Services) for small to medium sized businesses and assisted another IT company (Octopi Managed Services Inc.). At both companies I use Cisco equipment and recommend Cisco gear to my clients. At Octopi they were going through a bad year (5 year old company/7 person team) and asked me to help – after joining them in November I took over; Operations Manager, Project Manager, Sales Engineer, Technical Support, etc and they had their most successful month ever this January. I have clients in many different professional fields and even locations; recently I managed a project of upgrading a client with offices in Canada and US, upgrade their office backbone to tunnel between the three locations.


Previous to Netacad I also worked four years as an IT Manager at Lazer Grant LLP.


Provide examples of any accomplishments or achievements you have in the area of IT and Networking outside the traditional classroom environment, including community outreach activities, consulting services, awards or recognition, etc. (max 400 words)


– Started a business, Glass Frog Technical Services

– Assisted a business that was in trouble, Octopi Managed Services Inc.

– Director at Manitoba Ferret Association (Social media, Website, Technical support, 2009 – present)

– Member of Skullspace Winnipeg Inc. (2013 – present)

– Speaking at DigiGirlz this coming April 15th, mentoring young woman pursuing IT careers

– Red River College Mentor Program, joining international students with local students


Describe any other accomplishments or unique attributes you would like to share (i.e. military experience, languages spoken, business ventures, etc.)


– Started a managed services business, Glass Frog Technical Services

– Assisted a business that was in trouble, Octopi Managed Services Inc., who now is up and running more successful than ever before


If you would like more information about this event…


Congratulations Zoe on this great achievement and we all hope you have fun in San Diego. And take lots of pictures!!!!!

Technology Camps

April 23, 2015

There is still room for registration on our Girls Exploring I.T. Technology Camp on May 5, and Day in the Life of an I.T. Student on May 6.  Registration is full for our May 7 Day in the Life Technology Camp.

Find out more information on this page.

Technology Camps Registration Now Open!

February 24, 2015

Registration is now open for our Technology Camps this May!  The Girls Exploring Information Technology Camp is on Tuesday, May 5; and The Day in the Life of a Business Information Technology Student Technology Camp is on Wednesday, May 6 or Thursday, May 7.

The Technology camps are free to attend.  See the Technology Camps page on this blog to register.

CounterPoint App

January 13, 2014

Ready to count traffic? CounterPoint makes it easy. Count bikes, count pedestrians, count cars, count people in wheelchairs..and more!

CounterPoint’s users are helping to plan a better future for everyone, just by counting traffic. It relies on crowdsourcing and, like Wikipedia, is an amazingly reliable and easy way to gather important data.

All of the data is yours to download, analyse and share. You get instant graphs every count. Come back to the same spot next year to compare!

Developed by Canadian non-profit Green Action Centre, CounterPoint aims to make traffic counting easier and comparable everywhere. Each count you do adds to what we know about all kinds of traffic (not just cars). The important data generated by counterpoint users will help plan better bike lanes, monitor safer school zones, make stronger cases for new crosswalks and more!

BIT students helped to created the web application version of CounterPoint in 2012 and a prototype for an Android application in 2014.

View and download the CounterPoint App

ACE Vision and Mission

August 28, 2013

The Accounting and Computer Education department has a new Vision and Mission.

ACE Mission Statement

Foster an inclusive, effective  and innovative learning environment.

ACE Vision Statement

Recognized as the best choice for post-secondary accounting and information technology education.


June 11, 2013

Joe Justice, founder of WIKISPEED, delivers ultra-efficient automobiles and social good projects at 60 times the rate of traditional businesses. Joe was in Winnipeg June 10 and 11 to build not only the first-ever Team WIKISPEED car in Canada, but also the very first electric Team WIKISPEED car.

The workshops featured hands-on Extreme Manufacturing, Lean, Agile, and Scrum. Joe Justice demonstrated these agile methodologies by leading two separate groups of students and staff through the building of the car from scratch in a single day.

It was awesome!

Let the awesomeness begin!

June 5, 2013

Come see how AWESOME Scrum and Agile can be with Joe Justice and Robert Mohrbacher on June 10 or 11. Below are Rob and the carbon fibre wonder itself!

Click here to secure your spot now at WINNISPEED, the first ever build of a Team WIKISPEED car in Canada!

Supercharge your team’s productivity and innovation capacity

June 4, 2013

Do not come to WINNISPEED June 10-11 if you:

  • are happy to let your competitors deliver faster by adopting Agile and Scrum
  • do no need to adapt to changing market conditions
  • do not need to be innovative
  • do not need to stay competitive

Do come to WINNISPEED June 10-11 if you:

Joe Justice and Team WIKISPEED roadster

  • want to supercharge innovation in your organization
  • are ready to experience Extreme Manufacturing, Lean, Agile, and Scrum first hand
  • want a low-cost, high-value Agile and Scrum learning opportunity
  • are a technical professional, team leader, manager, executive, or organizational change leader
  • are an Agile practitioner at any level of experience, including exploring Agile for the first time
  • would like to meet and work with Joe Justice of Team WIKISPEED
  • would love to learn by building a 100 mpg car in a single day
  • like the idea of rapidly solving problems for social good

Joe Justice, founder of WIKISPEED, delivers ultra-efficient automobiles and social good projects and 60 times the rate of traditional businesses. Joe will be in Winnipeg for two days only. This is the first ever build of a Team WIKISPEED car in Canada.

  • June 10 and 11 will be hands-on Extreme Manufacturing, Lean, Agile, and Scrum. Joe Justice will demonstrate these agile methodologies by leading two separate groups through the building of a 100 mpg Team WIKISPEED car. This is the first ever Team WIKISPEED build in Canada! Do not miss being one of the few able to participate.

XM: Extreme MEVA

June 3, 2013

MEVA LogoWe are electrified to welcome the Manitoba Electric Vehicle Association (MEVA) as proud sponsor and participant in the WINNISPEED Agile/Scrum Extreme Manufacturing (XM) workshops with Joe Justice on June 10 and 11.

It’s gas! No, it’s electric!

It’s both. The Awsomeness Factor of Agile/Scrum is only part of the WINNISPEED attraction. Because the car we are building with Joe is completely modular, MEVA is intrigued at the prospect of swapping the gas engine module for an electric one. How agile is that?.

Reserve your spot on either of the two days at https://blogs.rrc.ca/bit/event-registration/.

Protegra joins WINNISPEED!

May 31, 2013


Joe Justice presented at Protegra’s Software Development and Evolution Conference in 2012. He introduced SDEC attendees – senior software professionals – to WIKISPEED’s real life experience of using Agile methods to change the world.

“At Protegra, we believe in creativity and innovation, and involving great people using agile and lean practices to solve tough problems.  Protegra fully supports this WINNISPEED event as a great opportunity to get our next generation of innovators and creators – RRC students – involved in bring Winnipeg closer to a broader mission of rapidly solving problems for social good.”

We are very excited to welcome Protegra as a Supporting Sponsor of WINNISPEED.

Reserve your spot on either of the two days at https://blogs.rrc.ca/bit/event-registration/.