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Computer and Information Systems Technology

BTM Work Packages

November 4, 2020

work package in a way is a mini project. Just like a project, your work package will include all elements, such as a budget, material(s), human resources, schedules, deliverables and milestones.

Our Business Technology Management (BTM) students have one academic term (4 months) to complete the work package.  The goal is to put together potential work packages outlining the deliverables, tasks and activities for the students to engage in and produce a deliverable(s) at the end of the term.

Potential Work Packages

This section outlines and describes the type of work packages that Business Technology Management (BTM) students could potentially do and the task and deliverables that can be produced within the timeline of the term.  The activities and deliverables are based on the theoretical training the students gain in the classroom.  The work packages are focused on the type of project, the types of activities and deliverables which the students can achieve within the time constraints of a semester.  You will notice that the work packages do not include budget and resources as this is dependent on the scope and size of the project.

Example Work Packages

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Ready to get started?

Sponsor your project at the ACE Project Space or create an on-the-job work experience opportunity for co-op students.

Sponsoring your project at the ACE Project Space

Contact our ACE Project Space Coordinator to speak personally about your project:

Ralph Dueck

Or, submit a project application to have your project developed with us:
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Create a student employment opportunity

Co-operative education at Red River College (RRC) integrates related on-the-job experience with classroom theory by providing work experience with academic study. Work integrated learning is part of RRC’s education strategy.

Contact our co-op coordinator to create an on-the-job work placement opportunity:

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