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Computer and Information Systems Technology

Are You Wondering How Your Courses Will Be Running This Fall?

July 22, 2020

Infographic version of this news item Are you wondering how your courses will be running this fall?Applied Computer Education students, your instructors have been hard at work preparing dynamic and flexible online learning experiences as we continue to work remotely due to the pandemic.

Here’s what to expect.


Flexible Learning

Red River College’s flexible online delivery model combines live instructor-led virtual classes, recorded lectures and self-paced materials.

Our commitment:

  • Engaged instructors with an average of five hours per week of live availability and regular access to guidance and feedback
  • Real-time active learning with interactive discussions and group breakout activities
  • Varied self-paced materials including recorded lectures, presentations, videos, podcasts, assigned readings, and notes
  • Leadership opportunities such as presenting to peers and facilitating group meetings
  • Many ways to interact, including exchanges across discussion boards, live video chats, and virtual study sessions
  • Structured schedules for classes, completion of self-paced materials, quizzes and assignments
  • Clear instruction on what to do, how to do it, and how to submit work
  • Assignments that are appropriate and fair in the online environment

Q & A

What program-level supports will be available if I’m experiencing difficulty completing assignments or understanding course material?

All instructors will be available an average of five hours per week for live group instruction, and will offer weekly virtual office hours for one-on-one help.

Our educational assistants (EAs) are also here to support you for all technical classes and work alongside your instructors during class. EAs will also offer weekly virtual office hours, and their contact information will be included in the course outline you receive at the start of each course. EAs also run a virtual help desk – a drop-in time for students to get help with coursework. A schedule will be posted in the ACE Announcements shell on LEARN indicating when EAs are assigned to the help desk, instructions on how to “drop in”, as well as the names of the EAs and the courses they are able to assist with.

What is an educational assistant?

Educational assistants (EAs) help students keep pace with curriculum, troubleshoot issues, and provide direction to empower students to solve problems on their own. They are also available to answer questions about exercises, labs, and assignments.

What if I cannot attend a live virtual class?

All live virtual classes will be recorded and posted on LEARN.

How do I purchase the textbooks required?

While the physical location of the Campus Store remains closed, the online store is fully open. Course Materials lists are available three weeks prior to the beginning of term.  Please visit the online Campus Store for more information.

What financial supports are available to me?

The Manitoba Student Aid Branch is your contact when applying for federal and provincial loans, grants, and bursaries, including additional funding related to COVID-19 . Please visit Manitoba Student Aid for more information.

What if I experience technical difficulties?

ACE’s dedicated Technical Support Specialist will be providing students a cell number and email address. Students may reach out for support on all software products licensed by the college. In addition, you can receive direct technical support by creating a case log, calling or emailing the ITS Service Desk. Please visit the IT Solutions webpage to learn more.

Tips for Success

Ask for Help

Reach out to your instructor, education assistant, program coordinator, or College supports at any time if something is affecting your academic performance.
It’s always best to reach out early and it’s the responsible thing to do.

Use RRC Supports

RRC Supports are ready and waiting to assist you.

Visit the support portal at

Or visit one of these links:
Counselling Services
Indigenous Student Supports
International Student Supports
Academic Success Centre
Accessibility Services
Health Services

Tools to Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills and Strategies to Prepare for College.

Access FREE interactive online tools and live tutoring to support your college readiness.

Themes include: Online Learning Skills, Study Skills, Math Prep

Check Your Mindset


stress as an expected part of being a student.


how you view difficulty. Being challenged is actually a part of learning and reaching success.


on your role in taking care of yourself throughout the term and balancing schoolwork and life demands.