Computer and Information Systems Technology

ioAirFlow – Web-Based Air Quality Analytics

December 23, 2019

Project Term: Fall 2019

ioAirFlow was created to address climate control issues faced in virtually all commercial buildings with a focus on providing solutions to reduce high energy consumption. The startup approached the ACE Project Space for assistance in creating a solution that combines Internet-connected sensors with an application that analyses climate data measured throughout the target building to identify areas that may require fixing.

Working in scrum teams to build software

Our BIT and BTM students built web application features, including account and issue management, for the ioAirFlow application. In a future term, students will connect the application climate measurement sensors. During the term, the students learned how to work together within scrum teams to elicit and develop application features in an agile fashion.


The ioAirFlow team completed the following deliverables for the project during the fall term at the ACE Project Space:

  • Login page
  • Account creation
  • Graphs feature
  • Client page
  • About my building page
  • Issues page
  • Issue filters
  • Recommendations feature

What our students are saying

“Django Framework to make a website, Python and its readable syntax, refactoring code and documenting them, Database creation and management with SQLite, creating models and handling them in Django.” – Garret De Chavez

“I learn that how to solve the real-world problems in this project because I take this project as a job. I worked as an employee. I face some programming problems that I never faced before in my life. The biggest one is to do your work as the way your client wants because some time, he gives you the task that you never done before and that time you are learning and working together to fulfill client’s requirements.” – Mipandeep Bhathal

“As a Scrum master I have learned how to lead a team, how to run the Kanban board, doing stand-up meetings, communicating with client and being a team player, improved my presentation and communication skills. I have also learned to create technical document such as Project Charter, Communication plan, Business Requirement Document, Use case, Test case and creating wireframes.” – Ripunjay Borsiwala

Technologies used

  • Django
  • Python
  • SQL lite
  • Sensors


About my building screen

About my building screen

Client Page

Client Page


Survey Page

Survey Page