Online Supports for Indigenous Students

In response to COVID-19, Indigenous Student Supports (ISS) are offering online delivery models for our supports.

“We have to deal with a very dangerous situation with this Coronavirus affecting people throughout the world. My statement to everyone concerned is to listen to the advice that has been submitted to help us stay healthy. That is to stay home, stay calm and let your family be aware of what we are being told to do in order to prevent us from being infected by this virus.
We pray “in our way” to the great spirit using words and smudging with our medicines: sweet grass, sage, cedar, and tobacco.
Meegwetch, akina nidinawae maganak, thank you all my relations.”
– Elder Jules Lavallee

“Try to stay calm and don’t add more stress from panic and worry. Smudge every day and boil cedar every chance you get to keep the air in your house clean. I am available to talk and share teachings to get through this time for healing.”
– Elder Paul Guimond

The Indigenous Student Support department may not be able to offer a physical space right now to support Indigenous students college-wide, but we will continue to strive to offer academic and cultural supports to make students feel safe and supported.

General Supports

Marshall, Navigation Coach, can assist with all inquiries or concerns and refer you to the appropriate staff, department, or external agencies that can help. To arrange an online meeting or phone call, please contact Marshall Richard at

Academic Coaching and Tutoring

Academic Coaching and tutoring is available online. If you are a student currently working with an Academic Liaison, please check your academic email for arrangements to connect online. ISS Academic Liaisons will be contacting students to make alternate online tutoring arrangements. We ask students to check their academic email often. Contact Adam Bacchus at or Jeff Boychuk at

Financial Aid

For assistance with awards, bursaries or scholarships, please email Mariam Merasty

Student Counselling

Counselling is available for students during the upcoming weeks as may be necessary. At this time, counselling is available by phone. Additional ways to offer counselling are currently being considered. Please check back for updates. Please email the Indigenous Student Supports counsellors directly and they can set up an appointment to talk by phone. Brin at and Nolin at


Elders will continue to offer support to students by phone. Please send a request to Carla Kematch at with the time and who you’d like to speak to. Every attempt will be made to connect you with one of our Elders, pending their availability. 

Please visit this site often over the coming days for more information on ways to connect to ISS supports.

If you still have questions about an ISS support service that is not listed here, please contact Marshall Richard

Resources, Teachings & Stories


Healing at Home with Cedar 


Elder Paul COVID-19 Message to students and staff
Elder Paul teaching on Love