Today, our world is faced with many challenges ranging from poverty to food insecurity to a changing climate and a rise in preventable health problems. These challenges have given rise to a new way of doing business in the modern economy, and that has resulted in the creation of mission-driven organizations, dedicated to addressing social needs, that operate in a businesslike fashion in order to maximize impact. These organizations are commonly referred to as social enterprises.

Social enterprises are seen as the solution to addressing many of these issues and in this new, two-year diploma program at Red River College, you will be introduced to a multitude of for-profit, non-profit, and co-operatively structured Indigenous and non-Indigenous social enterprises addressing today’s most pressing needs. As part of this program you will work with social enterprises in many project-based experiences so you have a real understanding of what it takes to work on these environmental, social, cultural, and spiritual issues. The program culminates with the opportunity to incubate your own social enterprise idea and then launch it upon graduation.


  • Two-year diploma
  • Delivered at the Exchange District Campus, Winnipeg
  • Fall entry date
  • Practicum placement with a social enterprise

Employment Potential

Graduates may create, lead or work in a social enterprise. Common market activities that Manitoba social enterprises participate in include:

  • Resources/Construction
  • Trades and Finance
  • Tourism and Accommodation
  • Retail Sales
  • Food Services/Production
  • Arts, Culture and Communication
  • Health/Social Services
  • Real Estate

Other Information

For additional program information, including fees and admission requirements, please contact our Indigenous Liaison Advisors at 204.632.2483.

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