We’re always ready to help make your transition to college successful. Get in touch if you have any questions about Red River College’s programs or support services.

Name Title Phone Room Email
Maria Morrison Director 204-632-2183 F214A mamorrison@rrc.ca
Morgan Paul Administrative Assistant 204-632-3773 F214 mpaul50@rrc.ca
Susan Swan A/Event Coordinator 204-632-2106 F213 suswan@rrc.ca
Mariam Merasty Financial Officer 204-632-2186 F210 mmerasty@rrc.ca
 Aspiring Students
Wade Parke Aspiring Student Manager 204-632-2175 F221 wparke@rrc.ca
Jaime Richard Indigenous Liaison/Advisor 204-632-2483 F221 jrichard@rrc.ca
Monica Morin Indigenous Liaison/Advisor 204-631-3361 P407 momorin@rrc.ca
Raven Bennett Administrative Assistant 204-632-3087 F210 rnbennett@rrc.ca
 Academic Success
Adam Bacchus Academic Liaison and Resource Coach 204-632-2550 D213 abacchus@rrc.ca
Jeff Boychuk Academic Liaison and Resource Coach 204-632-2173 D213 jboychuk66@rrc.ca
Marshall Richard Navigation Coach 204-632-2945 F209A marichard@rrc.ca
Brin Mitchell Navigation Coach 204-632-2177 F209B brmitchell@rrc.ca
Transition to Employment
Frank Parkes Transition to Employment Manager 204-632-2534 F116 fparkes@rrc.ca
Cari-Ann Page Employment Coach 204-632-2418 F116 cpage70@rrc.ca
Michelle Amos Administrative Assistant 204-632-2534 F116 miamos@rrc.ca
Nolin Turenne Wellness Counsellor 204-632-2182 F209D nturenne@rrc.ca
Charlene Calder Wellness Advisor 204-632-2103 F209C ccalder@rrc.ca
Donna Glover Wellness Advisor 204-632-2333 F210 dglover30@rrc.ca
Bradley West A/Elder Liaison 204-632-2103 F209C bcwest@rrc.ca
Mae Louise Campbell Elder 204-632-2472 F209E Contact Bradley
Jules Lavallee Elder 204-632-2472 F209E Contact Bradley
Paul Guimond Elder 204-632-2472 F209E Contact Bradley

To schedule time with our Elders in Residence, please get in touch with Bradley West, A/Elder Liaison