Rewards and Recognition

The Staff Awards and Recognition Committee is a cross-section of employees at the college whose role is to develop, administer and promote a range of College-wide awards and recognition initiatives for our fellow staff.

We are passionate about supporting and promoting a progressive culture of recognition for RRC employees!

The work of the Staff Awards and Recognition Committee includes:

  • Developing an awards and recognition program with formal and informal components, annual activities, infrastructure, guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Overseeing an annual budget dedicated to college-wide employee awards and recognition
  • Managing communication and feedback from staff that generates a responsive culture of recognition, based on our employee interests and needs
  • Promote and communicate the work of the Committee and its recognition programs
  • Incorporate research, planning and evaluation to create enhancements and changes

The BRAVO Formal Award Program is the highest level of recognition for employees who put our College’s core values and leadership into action. This annual program involves the submission of a nomination form (the nominator can be any RRC employee).