The Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) will evaluate all non-instructional positions, with the exception of those positions listed in Salary Schedule “F” of the Collective Agreement.

Please follow these steps for classification and reclassification review of a position(s):

  1. Complete the Request for Position Review form below. Print, collect signatures, and scan request for electronic package submission. Save as a PDF.
  2. Complete a Department Organizational Chart, including the position in review. Save as a PDF for electronic package submission.
  3. Complete the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) form below. Signatures are not required until after the JJEC committee has ruled on the position review. Save in the native MS Word file format for electronic package submission. Please do not add digital signatures, do not save as a PDF.
  4. Email all 3 files to Please do not send the hardcopies to HR, retain these documents until you receive confirmation the review has been completed and final signatures are required.

Your Human Resource Consultant (HRC) will contact you if any additional information is required. JJEC will contact you regarding a panel review meeting for the supervisor/manager to attend.

Request for Position Review form

Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) form

Point Factor Rating Classification System