Human Resource Services has a mandated goal to continually improve business processes. Here are some of our accomplishments.

February 2016 Electronic Resume Collection Saved printing on an average of 175 pieces of paper per competition, approximately 28,700 pieces of paper annually (or 57.4 reams of paper).
February 2017 VRWW and Vacation Carry Over eForms Paper forms eliminated and replaced with an eForm allowing faster approvals and better reporting.
May 2017 Onboarding Enhancements With improved HRIS system processes and quicker gathering of new employee personal information, Payroll can now process new employees up to 15 days faster, allowing new employees to acquire system security access faster.
June 2017 Job Advertisement Generator Tool A tool has been created to allow Hiring Managers to simply generate job ads for competitions and Human Resource Services to quickly generate all applicable documents associated with a competition.

Please contact Leslie Ternowetsky for more information at 204-632-2420.