Workplace Equity and Diversity


Partner with the community at large and the Indigenous and immigrant communities in particular to support and enhance the economic and social progress of Manitoba.


Respect: we believe in honoring the worth of others by demonstrating fairness, courtesy and compassion.

It is within this context of integrating workplace equity and diversity goals into the overall College HR policies and practices, and in relation to the College’s Strategic Plan that the equity diversity strategy has been created.

Diversity includes, gender, ethnic background, disability, sex, religion, culture etc.; understanding the value.

Equity means that every person should be treated exactly the same should have an understanding of equitable treatment/fairness, not one size fits all approach

Inclusion is the act of approaching situations in a manner that shows an understanding that the dominant accepted cultural behaviours are not the “correct” way to view things; willingness to learn about an individual’s background; willingness to accept and work with differences.

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