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Red River College is committed to a Workplace and Learning Environment free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence. This commitment is reflected in the College’s Discrimination & Harassment and Sexual Violence policies.

Human Resource Services promotes, supports and administers the Discrimination & Harassment and Sexual Violence policies. A copy of the policies may also be obtained from Human Resource Services.

Carolyn Frost, Resource and Resolution Advisor, is your first point of contact. Human Resource Services offers information about the Discrimination & Harassment and Sexual Violence policies and procedures, along with options available to help you resolve concerns. Your first meeting or contact will be used to gather information.

Human Resource Services provides advice and education respecting the policies, and also conducts investigations of formal complaints.

Please contact via telephone, email or by appointment.

Contact Information

Carolyn Frost
Resource and Resolution Advisor
D106C – 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R3H 0J9

Phone: 204-632-2265
Email: cfrost132@rrc.ca