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Is your child attending University or College?

August 19, 2019

If you have eligible dependent children who are age 22 or over and are full-time students, it is time to reconfirm student status.

To ensure your dependent children continue to receive uninterrupted Health and Dental coverage for the duration of their formal education, be sure to update their student status with Pay & Benefits by e-mailing

Is my dependent child considered a full-time student?

A child is considered a full-time student if they have registered in an educational institution for 15 hours a week or more sometime in the last 6 months. Your child is no longer deemed an eligible dependent if they are receiving compensation to attend an education institution.

Is my child covered while studying abroad?

Your dependent child will remain on your Health and Dental plan for the duration of their education, or until they reach age 25 as long as the following criteria is met:

  1. Approval is given by the student’s provincial health plan,
  2. The student meets the definition of eligible dependent as noted in your benefits booklet

For more information on the provincial health plan, visit

Keep in mind, any routine or non-emergency services or expenses such as chiropractic care or prescription drugs incurred out-of-country will be reimbursed at the reasonable and customary amount charged in your province of residence.

If you feel your dependent’s coverage is inadequate and would like to explore additional coverage options, plans purchased in Canada for students abroad can be significantly less expensive than plans available through post-secondary institutions. Red River College employees have access to the HUB Emerge program which provides information and assistance in obtaining individual Health, Dental and Travel coverage. Contact HUB at 1-866-756-3281 or e-mail for more information.

Is my child no longer qualifying as an eligible dependent deemed a Life Event?

Yes. Your child ceasing to qualify for coverage is considered an eligible Life Event. If you experience a Life Event you will be eligible to select a new Health & Dental option as long as you contact Human Resource Services within 60 days of the Life Event.

The above is a summary of the provisions of the group plan. In the event of a discrepancy between this benefit and the master contract, the terms of the group contract will apply. 

Supporting Your Wellness

The Homewood Health Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is a professional, confidential, and proactive service to support you in all aspects of your life.

Your EFAP can help with a variety of situations such as stress, anxiety, life change and transitions, relationship concerns, etc. Your full suite of EFAP services includes counselling, Life Smart Coaching and Online resources.

Click here to review the Homewood Health EFAP resources available to you and to get contact information.