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Dental Coverage

September 19, 2017

As part of Red River College’s group benefits, Employees in Flex Options 1, 2, 4 or 5 may have coverage for a variety of dental benefits. Your coverage is based on your Flex Option choice.

Accidental Dental       

Did you know that Dental Accident Treatment is included under the Extended Health Care benefit instead of the Dental Benefit? You may have coverage for Dental Accident Treatment if you are enrolled in Flex Options 2, 4, or 5.

If you incur a dental injury, treatment to sound natural teeth must start within 90 days after the accident unless treatment has been delayed due to a medical condition.

A sound natural tooth means a tooth that did not require restorative treatment immediately before the accident and has not been artificially replaced.

Dental Reasonable and Customary Charges

Did you know that the Dental benefits are subject to reasonable and customary charges?

What is customary – The plan covers customary charges, meaning that they must not exceed the Dental Fee Guide in effect in your province of residence on the date the treatment is rendered. Denturist Fee Guides are applicable when services are provided by a denturist and Dental Hygienist Fee Guides are applicable when services are provided by a dental hygienist practicing independently.

What is reasonable – Treatment is considered reasonable if it is recognized by the Canadian Dental Association, it is proven to be effective, and it is of a form, frequency and duration essential to the management of the person’s dental health. Treatment must also be performed by a dentist or under a dentist’s supervision, performed by a dental hygienist entitled by the law to practice independently or performed by a denturist.

Supporting Your Wellness

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