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Human Resources

Do You Have Dependent Children?

August 16, 2017

Don’t forget to reconfirm Student Status!

To ensure your dependent children, age 22 to 25, continue to receive uninterrupted Health and Dental coverage for the duration of their formal education, be sure to update their student status with Great-West Life each year.

Is your Dependent Child eligible?

If you have unmarried, natural, adopted or step children, under the age of 22 and not working more than 30 hours per week, unless they are full-time students, they are eligible for coverage through your group benefits plan with Great-West Life. If your child is age 22 or over, they must be a full-time student to maintain coverage until age 25.

Is your Dependent Child considered a full-time student?

A child is considered a full-time student if they have registered in an education institution for 15 hours a week or more; sometime in the last 6 months. Your child is no longer deemed a dependent if they are being paid to attend an educational institution.

Is your child covered while studying abroad?

Your dependent child will remain on your Health and Dental plan for the duration of their education, or until they reach age 25 as long as approval is given by the student’s provincial health plan and meet the definition of eligible dependent child noted above. For more information on your provincial health plan, visit

Keep in mind, any routine or non-emergency services or expenses such as chiropractic care or prescription drugs incurred out-of-country will be reimbursed at the reasonable and customary amount charged in your home province of residence.

If you feel your dependent’s coverage is inadequate and require additional individual coverage, plans purchased in Canada for students abroad can be significantly less expensive than plans available through post-secondary institutions. Red River College Employees have access to HUB Emerge Personal Benefits which provides information and assistance in obtaining individual Health, Dental and Travel coverage. Contact HUB at 1-866-756-3281 or e-mail for more information.

STRATA Select Travel Insurance

Through our affiliation with HUB International, we are able to offer our employees products and services at discounted or preferred rates through the Voluntary STRATA Select Program.

Hub International partnered with Medi-Quote Insurance Brokers Inc. to offer many competitive travel insurance options including:

  • Annual Plans
  • Single Trip Plans
  • Trip Cancellation, Interruption and Baggage Loss Insurance coverage
  • Top-Up Days for travel of up to any duration available
  • Full coverage for Existing Medical Conditions
  • Family Rates, Travel within Canada, and Travelling Companion Discounts
  • Deductible Options
  • Super Visa Insurance for family members coming to Canada for extended or multiple trips

This program is 100% voluntary for any Employee requiring additional coverage, leaving the Group Plan or in need of coverage for a family member. Log on to your STRATA Select website for more information and instructions on how to request a quote.

Supporting Your Wellness

The LifeWorks website offers a wealth of information and resources to help you make the most of all aspects of your life. For the month of August, LifeWorks is featuring a suite of resources called Connecting and Communicating.

Connecting and Communicating showcases the variety of ways in which LifeWorks can support you listen and communicate more effectively and bridge the gaps in your personal and professional life.

Be sure to visit to take advantage of the 2017 content, including videos, podcasts, audio tips and much more.

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