Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Gain the skills to succeed in the production of pharmaceutics, biotech and related products.

This program provides the skills you need to gain employment in the production of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and related products. These products include over-the-counter and prescription drugs, vaccines, analgesics, antibiotics and other drugs for life-threatening diseases.

The program consists of two streams:

1. Solid Dosage

Learn the theory and practice of formulating and manufacturing tablets and capsules. What are the raw materials used? How are these products formulated and manufactured? How can we produce a good quality product? You will explore these questions and more by manufacturing small batches in the College’s state-of- the-art solid dosage production laboratory.

2. Biopharmaceutical Processing

Gain hands-on experience in microbial fermentation such as set-up, inoculation, sampling, harvesting techniques, filtration, and column chromatographic purification techniques strategies for manufacturing of Recombinant Biotechnology drug products. Cleanroom gowning, sanitization and GMP compliance will be emphasized. You will run small-scale batches in our state-of-the-art bioprocessing lab.

After applying to (but prior to starting) the program, you will be invited to attend a program overview information session.

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