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New IV Pumps are Coming to All Regions!

May 12, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, after many years of trial and error, the Province of Manitoba has finally signed a contract for the new IV pumps, and it’s not Baxter! Here at RRC Polytech, we are pleased to announce that we had a great opportunity and have already purchased and received the new B. Braun Infusomat® Space Infusion Pump System to offer training in the fall term to our students.

The province has a plan to start introducing these pumps in small specialized areas first this summer and to have it rolled out to all facilities over the next year. Of course there’s going to be bumps along the way and our students are going to see both IV pumps over this transition period, so we’re ready and going to be teaching them both.

Myrna Davis has been hard at work to incorporate both IV pumps into our program starting in the fall! Better too early than too late! Thank you Myrna for being on top of this big news!

Thank you RRC Polytech for allowing us to be on top of the best teaching possible for our students!

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Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager

What’s New? A Nursing Lab is Being Born!

May 5, 2022

We are pleased to show off the new addition to the Nursing Department: Nursing Lab A330, which will be in use starting in the fall term.

There’s still work to be done over the summer, but it has great bones already and is a work in progress!

Hopefully this will allow our program to expand, especially in the Simulation field.

It will be a 5 bed room with the high hopes of hosting Sim in the upcoming fall term….so new and refreshing!

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Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager

Nursing Awards 2021

March 24, 2022

Congratulations to this year’s award winners! It’s been another different year to say the least and we weren’t able to celebrate as usual with our luncheon, but none the less, the awards were celebrated virtually and in spirit and were well deserved!

The Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Medal of Excellence Award – Emma Marie Collins :

This award was established for a graduating nursing student with the highest cumulative GPA and has excelled clinically throughout their program.

Jean Burrows Scholarship – Julie Dow :

Jean Burrows was chair of the Nursing Department from 1974 to 1998. Created upon her retirement, this award recognizes outstanding academic achievement for students at the end of the first year of the BN program.

The Bernice Parrott Award was established to provide financial assistance to a deserving
student after term six of the BN program. This award recognizes the hard work and effort
that all students put forth as they complete the requirements of the program.

Bernice Parrott Award – Emily Pollard, Geraldine Real, Alyssa Sinclair, William (Bill) Gibson, Shannon Bianca Hiebert Sawatzky, Kira Lourenco, Zachary Penner :

Kira Lourenco

Nursing Students Endowment Scholarship – Samantha Thompson, Emma Collins :

These awards were established because of the foresight of students who in 1997 established
an endowment fund. Each student, as part of their tuition fees, contributes to this
endowment fund. In 2001, a portion of this money was dedicated to the creation of these
awards. Since then, the class of 2002 made a sizeable contribution from their own
fundraising efforts.

Nursing Legacy Award – Julie Dow, Robyn Lafreniere, Jaina Cairns, Jamie Harland, Janina Hryndzio, Mallory McIntyre, Emma Collins, Jamie Lytle, Maria Rowena Santos, Gabrielle Greenberg :

This award was established by combining donations from a number of sources.
The Stanton family, the Duncan family, and Phyllis Aaron along with the Nursing faculty have
made substantial contributions. The award recognizes outstanding clinical performance of
students from year one to year three of the nursing program. The Nursing Techniques 3
award recognizes a year one student who excels both in the academic course work and the
performance of Nursing Skills.

Thorey Johnson Nursing Award – Ryan Rempel, Rickie Lucas :

In honour of their mother, Mrs. Johnson’s daughters have established this scholarship to be
presented to a nursing student who has expressed a special interest in rural nursing
practice. The recipient has demonstrated an interest in front line nursing work in a hospital
environment; a high level of skill in the clinical setting, sound academic achievement, and a
caring and compassionate attitude with patients.

Rickie Lucas

Nursing Leadership Award – Brynn Clifford, Inbar Lichtenstein :

This award is for deserving students who have gone above and beyond in support
and leadership of their peers. It was established by the Awards Committee, with
nominations from faculty and peers.

Brynn Clifford
Inbar Lichtenstein

Discipline of Professional Nursing Award – Julie Dow (1 & 2), Kezia Balzer (3 & Research), Emma Collins (4 & 5) :

This award is presented to students for their outstanding achievement in the courses of Discipline of Professional Nursing 1-5.

Mary Langhan Nursing Award – Alyssa Reimer :

This award is presented to a 3rd year student who has demonstrated a high level
of skill in the clinical setting and has expressed a special interest in obstetrics and

Karla Ferens Memorial Entrance Award for Health Care Aide – Hallee Holmlund, John Thomas Sellick :

The Karla Ferens Memorial Entrance Award for Health Care Aide was established
by family and friends in memory of Karla Ferens, a 2011 Red River College
graduate of the Health Care Aide program. The award recipient has displayed the
same accomplishments exhibited by Karla Ferens: Involvement in sports and
leadership qualities.

John Thomas Sellick

Community Service Award – Taylor Rizzo-Johnson, Naomi Brodland :

This award is presented to a second and a third year student who has volunteered
for a community agency while maintaining sound academic achievement.

Naomi Brodland

Karen Wall Indigenous Nursing Student Award – Ashley Prince :

This award is presented to a 3rd year student of Canadian Indigenous heritage
who has achieved academic success in the BN program, and has demonstrated
leadership and community service.

Elizabeth Scaife Memorial Award – Iris Alcantara :

This award is presented to a BPIEN (Bridging Program for Internationally
Educated Nurses) student who has demonstrated outstanding academic
achievement and demonstrated exceptional clinical performance.

Christianne Bonin Memorial Award – Michelle Herms

Jaime Manness Hike Manitoba Award – Erica Wilken :

This award is present to a second year student who exemplifies a love for hiking
and the outdoors with good academic standing. The award was established to
honor a RRC alumna and instructor who wanted to share her passion for
Manitoba’s wilderness.

Erica Wilken

Written by Jennifer Johnson – Nursing Lab Manager
with descriptions of awards courtesy of the Nursing Awards Committee

Where Are You Now: Amber Moffat

January 27, 2022

Amber Moffat shares her experience and insight since graduating from the Red River College/University of Manitoba Joint Baccalaureate Nursing (JBN) Program in 2008:

Amber Moffat
Amber Moffat

Where are you now?

I am currently working in Whitehorse General Hospital as a float nurse, clinical nurse leader, and acting clinical care manager. I did my final practicum at WGH back in 2008 and have worked throughout the Yukon since then!

How easy was it to find a job after graduation?

Finding a med/surg job after graduation was quite easy; I found it harder to find the right work life balance. Part-time, full- time, and overtime were all options so I worked hard to find what worked best for me.

How did you manage the responsibility of going from student to nurse?

That was a while ago now…I remember having lots of hot baths with cookies and tea. Actually one of the things I did back then was learn how to knit on night shifts. One of the senior nurses showed me and even to this day, it is one of the ways that I deal with stress.

Thinking back, what were the most important lessons from school that you took into the workforce?

There were a lot of important lessons but one that always stood out to me was a lecture titled “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread” and it was a lecture on feeding patients. It’s funny the things you remember.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a student?

I just recently moved into a different house about a year ago and when I was going through my belongings I found a letter to my future self that I wrote when I was doing a particularly challenging clinical placement. In that letter I wrote to myself asking if I was ever going to belong in a place like this (hospital); if I would always just be focusing on tasks or if I would ever actually be able to help people. I am currently the acting clinical care manager of the med/surg unit at WGH and I sometimes bring this letter out to show new grads who may be going through something similar. Being a student and a novice nurse is only a season and soon you’ll look back and see that it was only a moment!

Thank you Amber for sharing your experience and words of wisdom!

Pinning Ceremony 2021

January 13, 2022

Congratulations to all our graduates from all campuses; Winkler, Portage, and Notre Dame; as well as the LPN-BN Pathway.

If you were like me and everyone else, I was thankful we got to watch the Pinning Ceremony virtually and got to acknowledge all the well deserved graduates for a job well done! Thank you to everyone who took part in putting this Pinning Ceremony together!

This was our first group of graduates from our rural sites, and as they go on to start their careers in Nursing, another group started.

Everyone, students and staff, have worked so hard to accommodate this difficult time, but you did it!

Thank you to the students for being so flexible in a time of need.

I would like to say a special congratulations to this year’s Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Gold Medal award that went to Emma Marie Collins!

Congratulations to all RRC Polytech Nursing Graduates of 2021! Wish you all the best in your future as nurses!

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the speakers: “Don’t strive to make your presence noticed; just make your presence felt”

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Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager

RRC Polytech

An Exceptional Experience Working With Agape Table

December 20, 2021

Experiencing the concept of ‘community as client’ does not always present itself. Our clinical group: Community and Older Adults, NRSG 2811, Oct 6-Nov 4, had such an opportunity.

The group health education topic was Food Security, as identified by the tenants and support staff at our site. As the students contacted agencies and services in the area for resources and information, a timely placed call to Dave Feniuk at Agape Table resulted in substantial food donation to the site. Two students arranged to pick up the items and prepared 30+ individual bags of fresh produce to distribute to those in need. Other items included frozen turkeys and trimmings for their Christmas dinner, as well as other frozen food items that the tenant association will oversee to provide ongoing food to those struggling with food security. They facilitated a partnership between Agape Table and the site for long-term support.

The students experienced, first hand, how partnerships and networking are necessary components of community health, to experience the Community Health Nurse role, realistically consider the social determinants of health as well as inspired volunteerism.

Mutual benefit is part of the ongoing partnership. Agape Table, a not-for-profit charity ‘Nourishing body, mind and spirit’ through daily bagged meals and an emergency food bank, relies on donations, volunteers, and sponsorships. We are happy to be part of the solution working with Agape Table.

Nursing students with just some of the donations from Agape Table for their site.
Students: Nate Abarca, Kaye Aguilar, Jasmeen Sohal, Stephanie Ross and Julie Dow
Nursing students with just some of the donations from Agape Table for their site.
Students: Nate Abarca, Kaye Aguilar, Jasmeen Sohal, Stephanie Ross, and Julie Dow

Written by Karen Janzen, Clinical Instructor

2021 Bachelor of Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony – Today!

December 16, 2021

You are invited to the 2021 Bachelor of Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony!

The 2021 graduates of the Red River College Baccalaureate Nursing Program will be celebrated in a virtual Pinning Ceremony today (December 16th, 2021). A copy of the program can be found here.

Please join us for this meaningful Nursing tradition on The College’s Facebook page:

The direct link will be open today at 1:00 pm. Watching the ceremony on Facebook will allow everyone to post their congratulations to the graduates.

We look forward to “seeing” you there!

The Pinning Ceremony Committee!


November 4, 2021


Student Christmas Holiday Hampers

From the Students’ Association:

We need your help!

The Students’ Association wants to help students and their families this Christmas holiday season. The SA is looking to collect non-perishable food items, and toys for their dependents (ages range from 1 to 18 years). A list of food items is available at 

Please drop off food and unwrapped toys to one of our offices (NDC – CM20 and EDC – P110) during business hours starting November 1st.

The SA is also collecting monetary donations through our website ( to provide grocery vouchers to our students.

We will be handing out hampers, toys, and vouchers to students in need in December. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Selina Anderson at 

Let’s work together to feed our Red River College Polytechnic Students that are struggling this Holiday Season.


The Students’ Association

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  • Content from The Students’ Association promotional material

Troy Gutowski, Year 3 Nursing Student Gets Drafted to the National Lacrosse League

September 16, 2021

Troy Gutowski
Troy Gutowski
Photo Credit: Darcy Finley and the Canadian Lacrosse League

The Nursing Department would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to Troy Gutowski, a year 3 Nursing Student, on being drafted to the Saskatchewan Rush of the National Lacrosse League (NLL). For those less familiar with the Canadian national summer sport of lacrosse, the NLL is the professional equivalent of the National Hockey League (NHL). It is comprised of 15 teams across Canada and the US.

Troy began playing box lacrosse when he was 9 years of age. He is considered a strong offensive playmaker, leading the Canada West team in overall points in the 2021 IIJL World Junior Lacrosse Championship this summer. Troy was also the overall tournament leader for assists – racking up 10 assists over the course of 3 games. When asked what it is he loves most about the sport, he replied “how fast the game is, the quick decision-making and reaction time it requires. I also love it for the friendships and relationships I’ve made over the years.”

Way to go Troy, and all the best in reaching all of your career goals – within and outside of nursing!

Fun fact: Wayne Gretzky, who also grew up playing lacrosse, is one of the owners of the 15th and newest team (Las Vegas) to be included in the NLL.

Post written by Tammy Neufeld – Nursing Instructor

The Power of Connectivity with Community Older Adults & Community Resources

September 9, 2021

As we get settled into this new academic year, let’s continue to look back at some amazing student work from last year:

The Health Promotion of Older Adults in Community Clinical has had another rewarding and unique rotation during the pandemic. From March 24 – June 3rd, 2021, through a blended approach, groups connected with community resources in the Silver Heights and Fort Garry neighbourhoods. This experience is empowering to all as the students obtain a glimpse of what it is to be a community nurse and learn from older adults as they strive to promote health and wellness.

Through phone calls and socially distanced visits, these 2 dedicated groups met with community resources teams such as the Healthy Aging Resource team (HART) and the Community Resources Finders to reveal the impact of the pandemic on emotional wellness leading to social isolation. Students were able to recognize the importance of these resources and help facilitate how to navigate our health system. The students discovered how the determinants of health impact the older adult community.

As seen in the photos, student nurse groups collaborated with clients and on-site staff during blood pressure clinics, and prioritized the need for educational sessions. The Fort Garry community area recognized a need for a broader wellness fair, focusing on brain health, nutrition, and exercise. The group split into smaller groups and created poster boards and a drop-in wellness fair, where screening was completed and all COVID protocols were adhered to.

In Silver Heights, students presented on brain and memory wellness to an older adult community group that meets weekly via the building recording studio. This was then broadcasted and recorded for all the residents in the building. The group created a booklet to give to the residents prior to the broadcasting, so they could follow along. This is a fantastic example of RRC students harnessing innovation and technology to facilitate safe connections and learning.

These initiatives resulted in engaged older adults where they shared their own experiences during the blood pressure screening clinics and welcomed the students into their homes. The students were able to recognize the incredible resilience of each older adult as they manage multiple health issues, the effects of social isolation on mental health, and learning new ways to connect within their own community.

Group A

Group B


The students’ hard work was very well received, as evidenced by this Note of Thanks:

We just wanted to touch base and thank you all. We appreciate the faculty, support staff and students for their untold sacrifices and commitment to serving our community, in THE MOST challenging of times.

The staff, students and Board of Directors at The Rotary Villa are so grateful for your continued support. Kudos to all the students who did their placements with us. Your hard work and courage truly inspires us. Plus the fact that you showed up during a global health crisis speaks volumes about your character & commitment to your craft.

2021 is the International Year of the Health Care Worker and we are so very proud of all of you & wish you every success in your future endeavours. Thanks again for showing up & holding space for our residents. It really was a great comfort to have you here with us.

Warmest Regards,
The Rotary Crew

Blog post written and photos provided by Teri-Lyn Healy – Nursing Instructor