Dental Assisting

Attain the skills required to assist dentists using four-handed dentistry techniques.

This program develops the skills you require to assist dentists using four-handed dentistry techniques.

You will learn about dental procedures, handling and mixing materials, sterilization and laboratory procedures, care of dental equipment, and preparation of instruments, operatory and patients. The program will also develop the skills you need for a variety of intra-oral procedures, including:

  • Polishing of teeth
  • Application of fluoride
  • Placement and removal of dental dams
  • Placement of sealants
  • Exposing radiographs
  • Taking impressions
  • Placement of matrices and wedges
  • Removal of sutures
  • Application of liners, bases, topical anesthetic and desensitizing agents

You will also study the importance of effective communication, and business-related procedures (manual and electronic) such as basic accounting, records maintenance, business correspondence, billings and appointment control. A psychology course will help prepare you to better understand patients’ needs.

The Notre Dame Campus program includes a supervised work experience, during which you will work with dental students at the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Dentistry and in a private dental office.

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