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Health Sciences


Class of 2015 Pinning Ceremony

September 17, 2015

Red River College Baccalaureate Nursing (BN) Grads were presented with their Nursing Pins at the Grant Memorial Church on Sept.10th, 2015. The pins mark transition from education and preparation into the profession of Nursing.

Congratulations to the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Gold Medal Winner Candace Plett, Aboriginal Nursing Student Award Winner Jennifer Russel, and The Community Service Award winner Meagan McRae

The Faculty of Nursing would like to wish all the graduates all the best in their new beginnings in their journey of the nursing profession!


Celebrating Nursing Week

May 14, 2015

Come Celebrate Nursing Week

with RRC’s Nursing Faculty IMG_2905

and Students!

May 15th in the Library Hallway

Pizza Lunch Fundraiser

From 1145 to 1300

Come Celebrate Nursing Week!

May 6, 2015


Come Celebrate Nursing Week

with RRC’s Nursing Faculty

and Students!

May 15th in the Library Hallway

Pizza Lunch Fundraiser

From 1145 to 1300

Celebrating Excellence Awards

November 21, 2014

Red River College Nursing Program Awards Presentation 2014

Congratulations To This Years Award Winners

Jean Burrows Scholarship  – Erin Conway : Jean Burrows was the Nursing Dept. Chair from ErinConway,141974 to 1998 and upon her retirement this scholarship was created for a 1st year student recognizing their outstanding academic achievement.




Wiley Scholarship – Erin Dahl, Jake Manliguez : This award is generously donated by Wiley Erin,Jake,Whiley,14& Sons Publishing, the publisher of the A & P textbook awarded for academic excellence achieved to BN students upon completion of Human Anatomy and Physiology course.





Nursing Students Endowment ScholarshipCandice Plett, Lindsay Motriuk,
April Lindsay,CandicePlettAprilGraham,AshleyAlonius,14Graham, Ashley Alonius
This award was established from students who in 1997, each student as part of their tuition fees contributed to this endowment fund.  In 2001, a portion of this money was dedicated to the creation of these awards.  The class of 2002 also made a sizeable contribution from their own fundraising efforts.

Bernice Parrott Award – Stephanie Labossiere, Angelina Hartwell :
AngelinaHartwell StephanieLabossier
This award was established to provide financial assistance to a deserving student after term six in the BN program to recognize their hard work and efforts.



Nursing Legacy Award – Brent Campbell, Krista Delaquis, Kim Speiss, Nicole Badger,

 BrentCampbellKristaDel,14KimSpeissNicoleBadgerAprilGrahChristineWallaceChrintineRobidouxAshAlApril Graham, Cristine Wallace, Christine Robidoux, Ashley Alonius: This award recognizes outstanding clinical performance of students.








Thorey Johnson Nursing AwardKenton Nickerson : In honour of their mother, Mrs. KentonNJohnson’s daughters have established this scholarship for a nursing student who has expressed a special interest in rural nursing practice.




Nursing Leadership Award – LaDawn Dyck, April Graham :
This award is for deserving students who have gone above and beyond in support and leadership of their peers.  Established by the awards committee, with nominations from faculty and peers.

Discipline of Professional Nursing Award – Danielle Saltel, Mary Darlene Jackson, Alisha MacMillan : These awards are presented students for their outstanding achievement in the DanielSaltelMAryAlishaMcMcourses of Discipline of Professional Nursing 1-5.



Mary Langhan Nursing Award – Courtney Taylorson, Vicky Hildebrand : This award is CourtenyTaylorson VickyHildebrandpresented to two 3rd year students who have demonstrated a high level of skill in the clinical setting and have expressed a special interest in obstetrics and gynecology.


Community Service Award – Cynthia Chartrand, Elyssia Prell :
This award is presented to a second and a third year student who has volunteered for a community agency while maintaining sound academic achievement.



Karen Wall Aboriginal Nursing Student Award – Melissa Kehler :
This award is presented to a 3rd year student of Canadian Aboriginal heritage who has achieved academic success in the BN program, and has demonstrated leadership within the Aboriginal community.




*Aknowledgement goes out to all of the hard work of the Awards Committee members who continue to make this event  an honourable tradition every year*

Teaching Excellence, Research and Scholarship Day

July 14, 2014

The Department of Nursing held it’s annual “Facilitating Teaching Excellence, Research and Scholarship Event, Friday, June 20th, 2014.


A special Thank you to our guest Dr. Pat Fahey Bacon from Minnesota who spoke about  “Incivility in Nursing Education: Breaking the cycle that threatens the profession of Nursing”. This was followed by group activities that were also facilitated by Dr. Bacon.

She stated that as Health Care Providers we have a contract with society to care and help, and as instructors, be role models to our students.  Her words emphasized “a need to take a step back sometimes; mean what you say, say what you mean; don’t sugar coat constructive feedback; provide students with the purpose for everything and to have students confront their conflict”.

After lunch, a panel presentation on Ethical Consideration in Nursing Education Research was held by Kim Mitchell, Deb Gural, Tom Harrigan, Cathy Baxter, Tracey Fallak, and Moderator Winn Briscoe, followed by a presentation by George Allan from the Research Ethics Board at RRC.

Later, in the afternoon, members of the Nursing Department learned about Ecoliteracy and it’s relevance to undergraduate nursing education from faculty member Jennifer Otto. Next, results of the Incivility Survey Pilot Project by the Nursing Dept’s Research and Scholarship Committee (Winn Briscoe, Kim Mitchell and Tom Harrigan) were shared. This survey was given to students in the classroom, labs, clinical areas and to faculty.  The students scored higher marks for incivility in the classroom vs clinical/skills lab, which, when analyzed, could have several factors. Higher incivility was reported from students involved with Medical units than students in more acute areas. Rural students scored the lowest of all with minimal reported incidences of incivility. This could also have several influences.

Cathy Baxter closed the day with the following message:

“Focus on the positive not the negative; change our perspective of the glass being half full not half empty”


College Day Event

June 6, 2014

A great morning was spent with the various Health Science departments of the Red River College, hearing what an amazing difference they are making to our community with their Innovative Research Projects.

The presentations included:

  • The College Wide Learning Outcomes evaluation tool that is being developed.
  • How Child and Youth Care pracitioners are helping youth’s voices to be heard.
  • How the Pharmaceutical manufacturing program’s purification of Canine Serum Albumin project provides students with essential workplace experience and assists the canine population.
  • How through the partnerships of Healthy Child Manitoba, and RRC’s Early Childhood Educations Dept, differences are being made with children and families here in Winnipeg through language development in early years.
  • An exploration of key ingredients essential for bridging education.
  • How opportunities are expanding for international students and Bridging Programs with Shanghai, China.

It is great to see so many showing their compassion through their research and findings!

Keep Up The Great Work!!





Nursing Week Celebrations!

April 17, 2014

Please join us for Nursing Week Celebrations in the Library Hallway 13412337925_6d3d2f9d62_b

Monday May 12th and Friday May 16th from 12:00 to 1:00 

for a Pizza Fundraiser Lunch and displays

as we celebrate National Nursing Week

plus                                                               IV techniques lab

Lunch Hour Friday May 2nd

Students and faculty are invited to come practice your painting/art skills! Please stop by from 12:00-1:00 Friday, May 2nd in the library hallway to help paint 3 or 4 Large Banners and sandwich boards to put up across doorways in Mall level halls and to distribute around the campus.

RRC Nursing Department participates in a “Perfect Storm”

March 27, 2014

Red River College, Nursing Department staff and students participated in a Mock disaster.

In September 2013, the Manitoba Health, Office of Disaster Management conducted a mock evacuation of a 75 bed acute care hospital, as well as a 30 bed personal care home from a Northern Health Region in MB.

This was a large, cooperative exercise involving 189 individuals from 62 separate stakeholder groups. Third year RRC nursing students (seen in grey uniforms) and faculty; Lillian Mugweni and Alison Fyfe-Carlson, had an opportunity to practice skills of triage, disaster management and communication with other health departments in the development of an Interim Medical Treatment Facility (IMTF).

An IMTF is a temporary facility that is created to receive a large amount of patients, triage them and provide care while they wait to be placed in an appropriate facility within the health care system.

Red River College Nursing Students

MB Health considered all of the feedback from stakeholders and developed an “After Action Report/Improvement Plan”.  MB Health plans to look at other collaborative IMTF exercises such as a Trauma Event Scenario in the future.

This was an excellent learning opportunity for RRC Nursing students and faculty.

Active triage

Active triage

Differential diagnosis

Nursing Gold Medal Winner

March 14, 2014

BN GRAD GOLD MEDALHeather Day, the inaugural winner of the Nursing Gold Medal for Excellence is pictured here with the chair of the Nursing Department, Karen Wall. The prestigious award was handed out on Februaury 4th, 2014 at the Red River College Graduation.

This evening saw over one hundred students from the initial three year Nursing Degree class from Red River College graduate with faculty, friends and family present to honour their achievements.

Congratulations Heather! We wish you all the best as you embark on your exciting new career.