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Teaching Excellence: Amazing Race

June 23, 2022

Thank you everyone who came out and participated in this much needed in-person gathering of Amazing Race!

Creativity was had by all at the last challenge, and sorry Patrick but because you left early we had to share your staff’s hard work!

A big THANK YOU to the Teaching Excellence Committee for all the hard work put into this day! Great fun was had by all!

(Kim, Tracey, Carla, Winona, Tracy, Kate (Anna and Jennifer too))

Have a great summer and look forward to new beginnings in the fall!

Blog post created by:

Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager

Inspiring the Next Generation: Career Day at William Whyte School

June 16, 2022

For the past 4 years, Krystal Boyce-Gaudreau has taken part in Career Day at William Whyte School. She presents usually to Grade 7 / 8 students, many of whom come from the disadvantaged, core area households. With a personal connection to this school, as her sister also teaches there, Krystal feels deeply motivated to encourage students to pursue their dreams. Highlighting her career of nursing and a variety of nursing programs is one example of how she hopes to inspire students to pursue their passions and to let them know of supports available to them.

Meet Krystal: An RRC / U of M JBN grad of 2002, Krystal worked as an RN BN at Concordia Emergency until 2013, as well as completing her Masters of Nursing (U of M) in 2013. At this time, she began her career at RRC Polytech where she continued to share her passion and leadership in a variety of nursing instructor roles. Krystal has taught in courses from Pharmacology and Diagnostics to Health Assessment 1 and 2, Discipline 4, and most recently developed and taught an elective on Substance Use Disorders and Nursing Care. During the pandemic, she also helped to develop the Health Care Support Worker micro-credential course, taught vaccine administration, AND picked up shifts in vaccine clinics!

How does a nurse prepare for a Career Day presentation? Krystal developed a 1.5 hour presentation including a Powerpoint presentation, Q & A, and the students’ favourite part … experiential – where students can see/touch/use equipment borrowed from RRC Poloytech’s nursing lab (thanks to Jennifer Johnson). Krystal uses student volunteers to teach about CPR and AED machines using role plays with an adult mannequin torso.  Demonstrating how to take vitals using the oximeter and thermometers, listening to heart sounds with stethoscopes – these are always a big hit with the students.

Some of the main points that Krystal always shares:

1) Her own lived experience and struggles in school and how a great teacher in grade 6 believed in her and helped her. She encourages students to not to let things define or limit them… but to believe in themselves.

2) To educate students about what nurses DO and that we CARE about them. Also, that nurses are great people to seek out for help or support.

3) To encourage, support, and inspire students to dream about their careers and their future.

How do the students react? They are nervous and shy at first but then begin to open up and ask questions like: ”Have you ever seen someone die?…delivered a baby?…how hard was schooling? – how much did it cost? – how much do you make?!” They often want to share their own healthcare / hospital family experiences. The kids are also surprised by how much money nurses make AND they get really excited when listening to their own heartbeats and learning what the heart does.

A few final thoughts:

Feeling motivated to speak to a student or group of students? Maybe plant a seed or inspire a young mind to dream? A couple of tips: when doing a Career Day talk for students, make sure to have fun and ensure the information being shared is at the students’ level. Krystal shares that for her, “nursing is an awesome career with lots of opportunities for you to really pursue any passion and any direction!”

Written by Tanya Cole RN BScN, RRC Polytech Nursing Instructor

Pinning Ceremony 2021

January 13, 2022

Congratulations to all our graduates from all campuses; Winkler, Portage, and Notre Dame; as well as the LPN-BN Pathway.

If you were like me and everyone else, I was thankful we got to watch the Pinning Ceremony virtually and got to acknowledge all the well deserved graduates for a job well done! Thank you to everyone who took part in putting this Pinning Ceremony together!

This was our first group of graduates from our rural sites, and as they go on to start their careers in Nursing, another group started.

Everyone, students and staff, have worked so hard to accommodate this difficult time, but you did it!

Thank you to the students for being so flexible in a time of need.

I would like to say a special congratulations to this year’s Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba Gold Medal award that went to Emma Marie Collins!

Congratulations to all RRC Polytech Nursing Graduates of 2021! Wish you all the best in your future as nurses!

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of the speakers: “Don’t strive to make your presence noticed; just make your presence felt”

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Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager

RRC Polytech

2021 Bachelor of Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony – Today!

December 16, 2021

You are invited to the 2021 Bachelor of Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony!

The 2021 graduates of the Red River College Baccalaureate Nursing Program will be celebrated in a virtual Pinning Ceremony today (December 16th, 2021). A copy of the program can be found here.

Please join us for this meaningful Nursing tradition on The College’s Facebook page:

The direct link will be open today at 1:00 pm. Watching the ceremony on Facebook will allow everyone to post their congratulations to the graduates.

We look forward to “seeing” you there!

The Pinning Ceremony Committee!

Bachelor of Nursing Information Session

March 16, 2021

If you live in the Portage la Prairie or Winkler area and are interested in learning more about our Bachelor of Nursing program, register for our upcoming online information session.

The session takes place March 22 from 6-8pm and will cover admission requirements, how to apply, and general information about the BN program.

This Bachelor of Nursing program takes place at the Portage Campus, Portage la Prairie, MB and Winkler Campus, Winkler, MB. Seats are open to residents of Manitoba’s Southern Health Region only.

Register today!


RRC Flu Clinic

January 7, 2021

In the midst of a COVID 19 pandemic, the Red River College nursing students came out to support the college students and staff by holding an Annual Influenza Immunization clinic in November. Clinics were held over 3 days in collaboration with the college health unit. There was a lot of nervousness about how the clinic would go this year.

But like everything this year, it was also quite different and needed an extra level of careful planning. More sanitation methods, plentiful social distancing, and daily mask-wearing are all part of the new normal these days.

Since the flu season this year will also be paired with COVID-19 challenges, it’s more important than ever for employers to encourage workers to get the flu shot.

Over the 3 days, we saw about 120-140 people each day, and the students had a very unique experience of working during a pandemic on important skills, including IM injections, screening, and health teaching . I would say the clinics were a success and a great learning opportunity, and a way for our future nurses to give back to the college community.

Thank you to the Health Center for setting this up so well and allowing us to participate. A great team to work with.

Community Clinical – Older Adult NRSG 2811: Bonnie Peers, Diane Ammeter, Tracey McCulloch, Janet Zacharias, and Teri-Lyn Healy

Post written by Teri-Lyn Healy – Nursing Instructor
Photos by Bonnie Peers – Nursing Instructor

Bachelor of Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony – Today at Noon!

December 17, 2020

You are invited to the 2020 Bachelor of Nursing Program Pinning Ceremony!

The 2020 graduates of the Red River College Baccalaureate Nursing Program will be celebrated in a virtual Pinning Ceremony today at noon.

Grab your 2020 Pinning Ceremony Program, and join us for this meaningful Nursing tradition on The College’s Facebook page.

The link to the ceremony will be available at noon. Join us then to leave live comments for the graduates!

The recording will remain on the RRC Facebook page for later viewing as well.

We look forward to “seeing” you there!

Post by The Pinning Ceremony Committee

Spiritual Health Awareness Week

October 22, 2020

In a season like no other, the Fall of 2020 will be remembered for many things, including how the COVID pandemic has been impacting our lives. People are experiencing additional stress and anxiety, which directly impacts their health, and not just physically speaking.

So, it seems very timely that the Government of Manitoba has proclaimed October 19 – 23, 2020 as “Spiritual Health Awareness Week.”

They are recognizing the spiritual health of people and those who make efforts to promote it… as it is “linked to… better coping and to improved mental and physical health outcomes”.

See more info here.

As nurses, we recognize the importance of health prevention and promotion as a holistic endeavor. Depression, hopelessness, and self-worth are aspects of human health we can’t ignore. I’d like to share a favourite article that I have used to educate students over the years when learning how to assess and implement spiritual care with clients. Very practical and relevant, the author in this article talks about the “5 R’s of Spirituality” to assist the nurse in providing effective spiritual care (Govier, 2000): Reason, Reflection, Religion, Relationships, and Restoration.

I encourage you to reflect on how you could or would promote your own patients’ spiritual health. Unsure? Take time to reflect on your OWN spiritual health first, and then take a peek at Govier’s (2000) article.

Happy “Spiritual Health Awareness Week”!

Post by:
Tanya Cole, RRC Nursing Instructor, Community & Mental Health

Canadian Nursing Students’ Association Nursing Students’ Week

January 9, 2020

The Nursing Students’ Association at Red River College hosted a Nursing Students’ Week. It is a CNSA (Canadian Nursing Students’ Association) initiative, which was celebrated across Canada during the week of November 18th-22nd, 2019.

Our students were away from the College that week so we moved the dates to December 16th-20th, 2019. We started off by hosting a Paint Night led by Amber Van Ma’iingan from Painting on the Prairies. The event was fully covered by the Healthy Minds, Healthy College Initiative, and organized by Breanna Sawatzky Mental Health Coordinator and one of our NSA members Marlo Pereira- Edwards.

Monday was the start of our nursing positivity wall, which was proudly displayed in the library hallway for all students to add to throughout the week. Red River College nursing students also ran a donation drive and collected everyday items based on the needs of Willow Place this holiday season. Willow Place is a non-profit organization in Winnipeg that helps women and children experiencing family violence and provides them with support and emergency shelter.

With the student’s generosity, we were able to fill up 3 boxes full of various items. The donations included daily care items such as shampoo, toothbrushes, a hair dryer and hair straightener; a lot of craft and activity items such as coloring books, pencils, glue-sticks, scissors and children’s books; and lastly non-perishable food items.

Tuesday we started making holiday cards for pediatric patients; we delivered 40 cards to different units at the Children’s Hospital.

Wednesday we had a relaxing lunch of eating baked goods and making reindeer ornaments; over 40 were made!!

Thursday we hosted self care making kits, which included chocolate, mints, hair ties, playdough, pencils and pens, David’s tea sachets and other items.

Friday we invited all students and staff to wear ugly sweaters and took a group picture and later celebrated the end of the week with a DIY hot chocolate bar!

We had a great turn out to all the planned events and hope to be able to plan more fun events throughout the new year of 2020!!

Post by Kristen McGregor and Samantha Siedlik – Student Nurses

Photos by the RRC Nursing Students’ Association

Pinning Ceremony 2019

September 19, 2019


It’s been a long road that at times you probably thought would never come, but you did it!  Congratulations to each and every one of you.  A night well deserved and a standing ovation is the least we can do to show how honored we are in your achievement.  We know the sacrifices and all the hard work that went into your Bachelor of Nursing journey here at Red River College.

Congratulations to Chris Hofer for winning the ARNM gold medal presented by Loreley Fehr, President-Elect, Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.

Thank you to all the Pinning Ceremony Committee members for a great night!

Thank you to Darin Brecht, Acting President and CEO of Red River College; RaeAnn Thibeault; Dean of School of Health Sciences and Community Services; Patrick Griffith, Chair of Nursing; and Cindy Boughen, BN Program Coordinator for your words of wisdom!

Thank you to Natasha Kuchta; the 2018 Gold Medal Recipient for your words welcoming our grads of 2019 to our profession of Nursing!

Thank you Sarah Alcock for your graduate Address, and yes you’ll finally see a paycheck!

Thank you Soul Sanctuary for hosting our 2019 Bachelor of Nursing Pinning Ceremony!

Written by:

Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager