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New IV Pumps are Coming to All Regions!

May 12, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, after many years of trial and error, the Province of Manitoba has finally signed a contract for the new IV pumps, and it’s not Baxter! Here at RRC Polytech, we are pleased to announce that we had a great opportunity and have already purchased and received the new B. Braun Infusomat® Space Infusion Pump System to offer training in the fall term to our students.

The province has a plan to start introducing these pumps in small specialized areas first this summer and to have it rolled out to all facilities over the next year. Of course there’s going to be bumps along the way and our students are going to see both IV pumps over this transition period, so we’re ready and going to be teaching them both.

Myrna Davis has been hard at work to incorporate both IV pumps into our program starting in the fall! Better too early than too late! Thank you Myrna for being on top of this big news!

Thank you RRC Polytech for allowing us to be on top of the best teaching possible for our students!

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Jennifer Johnson

Nursing Lab Manager