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Health Sciences

Community Older Adults Clinical – Term 2: November 2020 – February 2021

March 25, 2021

For term two of Community Older Adults Clinical, a group of students were at Windsor Park Place; however, due to the pandemic, clinical practice has required some modifications and creativity. Since students had very limited site visits, they had to rely on other means to identify health needs in the community. The tenant resource coordinator for the building was very helpful in providing a list of ideas for the public health education topics based on needs she identified in this building, and students choose the topic “Nutrition: Diabetes and Healthy Heart” in term one, which included providing the chef at the building with a recipe booklet, and “Staying Physically and Mentally Active”, for the second term, since this topic is very relevant to the current situation, with many tenants being isolated and with a lack of activities, both physically and mentally.

Students also conducted a windshield survey, which consisted of driving around the area and looking up some statistics and community resources online. In term two, students identified two areas of concern. First, there are no big box stores (such as Superstore, Sobeys, or Walmart) near Windsor Park Place, and secondly, students noted a lack of road signs pertaining to speed limits in the area. In conversation with some local residents who were out walking during this assignment, students found out that they are concerned about speeding in the area. One sign was also occluded by tree branches. Students discussed ways to help address these issues and made some phone calls. They then wrote a letter to the local MP, expressing their concern for safety due to speeding in the area, advocating for proper signage, repositioning of the obstructed sign and a crosswalk on Elizabeth Road. Additionally, students made a brochure to inform the tenants at Windsor Park Place about grocery stores, transportation, medical services, government services and some other relevant services in the area.

Post by Janet Zacharias – Nursing Instuctor