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Health Sciences

Community Clinical – Older Adult: January 2021 – Facebook Live

February 25, 2021

During the code red public health orders throughout Manitoba this January 2021, second year Red River College Nursing students in their Health Promotion of the Older Adult Community rotation had to “think outside the box”.

Their goal is to connect with the older adult population to promote health and wellness. They also collaborate with the Healthy Aging Resource Teams in Winnipeg, community centers, My Health Teams, or other Older Adult resources within the community. During the pandemic, students connect via the telephone with volunteer members of the community where students assess health needs, provide teaching sessions, and practice therapeutic communication.

A challenge that this group of students met head on is “how to promote health as a public education event in a pandemic at a population level”. This group of students collaborated with the Elmwood/East Kildonan Active Living Seniors Centre to hold a “Facebook Live” event on Wellness, Mindfulness, and Optimism. Eight students participated in the thirty minute presentation geared to the over 240 members of the active living community center. To view the presentation just visit the site: Elmwood East Kildonan Active Living Centre page. This is a great example of how Red River College faculty and students are striving to adapt to this unprecedented situation and contribute to the well-being of our older adult population.

Some student reflection on this learning experience:

“Although I was very nervous to be presenting online for so many to see, it was a great experience, and I was happy we were still able to deliver some health education to that community during the unforeseen circumstances of a pandemic.” Samantha Harvie SNRRC

“The Facebook Live event was a creative way to reach out to older adults in the community. The experience gave me and my clinical group the chance to collaborate together while we navigated a new platform to present to older adults.” Madison Macaulay, SNRRC

“My first time doing a Facebook Live for a class was a great experience. As a student nurse learning how to maneuver in the community in a safe manner was a struggle because of all the extra precautions we had to take to limit physical contact. A lot of nursing is hands on or in person; doing a Facebook Live event was a great new way to reach the community and provide care to those who watched. We were able to get a positive message across in a pandemic safe way.” Alyssa Rasmussen, SNRRC

“It was nice to connect with the older adult population in this COVID 19 pandemic time. It gave both of us a purpose of looking forward to communicating with each other.” Megan Small, SNRRC

This clinical experience is constantly adapting to help Red River College Bachelor of Nursing students meet the needs of the older adult community through collaboration and adapting. Students are inspired and motivated through the unique experiences.

Post written by Bonnie Peers and Tracey McCulloch – Nursing Instructors