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Student Nurse Researchers at Applied Research and Innovation Day

June 14, 2019

On May 30th, nursing students Samantha Eveleigh, Elyse Griffith, and Danielle Lewicki were among the researchers featured at the college-wide 2019 Applied Research and Innovation Day.

Samantha presented her research project Depression After Stroke while Elyse and Danielle presented their research project Student Nurse Bullying in the Clinical Area.

Samantha also won the People’s Choice Award and has since been featured on CBC radio! Listen to her interview below!


For more information on the winners of Applied Research and Innovation Day, check out this blog post from the RRC Research Partnerships and Innovation blog.

Congratulations to Samantha, Elyse, and Danielle!

Now let’s hear about this experience from our student researchers themselves!


Samantha Eveleigh – Student Nurse – Applied Research and Innovation Day Winner: People’s Choice Award

I find it hard to believe that I’m being recognized for my work on depression after stroke, because I already gained so much without the award. I strongly believe when students get the opportunity to participate in Applied Research and Innovation Day, there is so much growth that can happen. I gained confidence in both myself and my work. My experience was nothing but positive. I had so much fun talking, networking and meeting new people during the event. Of course I couldn’t have done it without the people around me, especially the nursing department. It’s hard to put into words how much the support of the nursing department means to me. It brings forward many emotions, but most importantly, a profuse sense of happiness. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I will use this experience in my future nursing practice to help better outcomes for my patients and their families.

Elyse Griffith and Danielle Lewicki – Student Nurses – Applied Research and Innovation Day Participants

Danielle and I were thrilled to be a part of Research and Innovation Day at Red River College. We are extremely passionate about the topic of Student Nurse Bullying, and were honored to stand next to the talented student researchers of our college. By talking about the prevalence of bullying, we hope our presentation will encourage students to recognize that they are not alone and there are resources at the college that can help validate their experiences and guide them towards healing. We hope that our presentation will spark the interest of the nursing faculty, and all faculties, so Red River College can work towards building the best learning and professional environment.

Post written by Samantha Eveleigh, Elyse Griffith, Danielle Lewicki (Student Nurses), and Meagen Chorney (Nursing Instructor)

Photo of Samantha by Dale Coulombe
Photo of Elyse and Danielle by Lee Jones