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Health Sciences

Blood Pressure Clinic

November 1, 2018

Thank you everyone who came out to support our first year Baccalaureate Nursing students’ Blood Pressure Clinic! 

Heart attacks and cardiac arrest affects everyone whether directly or indirectly.  It is great to know your regular BP reading, so when something does happen, you’ll know your normal because normal is different for everyone.

Knowing the warning signs of a heart attack is a great beginning: Light headedness, nausea, vomiting; jaw, neck, or back pain; discomfort or pain to the shoulder or arm; chest discomfort or pain; short of breath.

Did you know cardiac arrest and heart attack are very different from one another?

Cardiac arrest is when the heart is in abnormal rhythm and can’t pump the blood, causing the heart to quiver, causing death within minutes if no life saving treatment is done.

Heart attack is when the blood flow in part of the heart muscle is blocked and, if not treated, can cause sudden cardiac arrest and death.

So please everyone, take care of your heart. You only have one!


Pa Pump Pa Pump Pa Pump!

See you next term!


Post written by

Jennifer Johnson – Nursing Lab Manager