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Health Sciences

Health Promotion Poster Fair

March 22, 2018

The Nursing department held its second Health Promotion Poster Fair of 2017-2018!

Health promotion ensures the entire Canadian population has the capacity to lead full and productive lives and contribute to a healthy society. Each term, third year Nursing students from Epidemiology and Illness Prevention put on the Health Promotion Poster Fair to raise awareness about preventable public health issues.

The Health Promotion Poster Fair is one component of a group project that focuses on developing a Public Health Education Strategy. Students select their own topics related to preventable health issues in the realm of public health, including topics related to communicable diseases, vaccine-preventable illnesses, preventable chronic diseases, sexually transmitted infections, and injuries. The students demonstrate their ingenuity and professionalism through the creation and dissemination of their projects.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to support our students’ learning as they support all of us through their health promotion efforts.

Written by Ana Stipanovic (Nursing Instructor) and Meagen Chorney (Nursing Instructor)

Photographs by Jennifer Johnson (Nursing Lab Manager)