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Health Sciences

Nursing: Epidemiology and Illness Prevention Posters

October 27, 2016

Third year BN students from the Epidemiology and Illness Prevention course presented posters on various topics to their peers, faculty, and the larger college community. The poster presentations took place on October 26th in the library hallway. Students invited anyone passing by to take a minute and learn about these important health topics.

Breast Cancer
Motor Vehicle Collisions

The posters are part of a class assignment in which students choose a prevention related topic. While there are some guidelines for the information, students showcased their creativity and ingenuity in the way they presented that information. Each group created unique posters, pamphlets, and visual aides to get their message across. One group titled their poster after an Ice Cube song (check yourself before you wreck yourself) to promote awareness about motor vehicle collisions. Another group created a ‘bra pong’ game (which I was terrible at!) to promote awareness about breast cancer.


Focused on various topics, the posters looked at awareness and prevention of injury such as motor vehicle collisions, sexually transmitted diseases through condom use such as syphilis, and diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, melanoma, and breast cancer. Students also handed out pamphlets created with a specific level of health literacy to ensure that the message was accessible to a wider audience.


The instructors of the course, Sonia, Ana, and Winona, encourage their students to talk to their peers and learn from each other. When students weren’t discussing their own posters with people passing by, they were over at another poster learning from their classmates. All the students did a fantastic job not only creating the posters but engaging their audience in order to spread a very important message about awareness and prevention.