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Health Sciences

Great Teacher Seminar

May 26, 2016

0R4A7937Each year in mid-May, college instructors have the opportunity to participate in The Prairie Region Great Teacher Seminar. This three-day seminar provides an opportunity for instructors from a variety of disciplines and trades to learn from each other’s collective teaching experience.

This year, nursing instructors Michele Rousseau and myself (Brenda Dafoe Enns) attended the seminar held at Elkhorn Resort in Riding Mountain National Park from May 9th to 12th. The facilitators expertly guided participants in a variety of activities and discussions that allowed for the sharing of tips, techniques, and common challenges faced by college educators as we strive to promote student success. Our waistlines expanded along with our minds as we dined together and participated in group work from 0900-2100 most days.

It was fascinating to learn about the common challenges and innovative approaches being used by educators at Red River College, Assiniboine College, and University College of the North. I highly recommend other nursing instructors discover more about this valuable professional development opportunity and consider attending future events.

To read more about the Great Teacher Movement, you can visit one of several websites including this one: